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Monthly Archives: May 2011

8 Word Memoirs

We asked for 8 word memoirs about people’s memories of their first year in the book biz. Here’s what they came up with: The Godfather, “our” book #1. Hooked for life. –Bridget Marmion When work’s such fun, who really needs money? –Connie Shaw From platen to pencil, ink pot to hot spot Eugene G. Schwartz Country girl, city bookshop, new family, vocation found. –Helen O’Dare Tiny book packaging company. First steps. Big dreams. –Krista Reiner Carnes This is a broom, go sweep the warehouse. –Larry Downs That house would make […]

Internviews: “Before”

Livia Nelson is the Editorial Assistant at Publishing Trendsetter, as well as Market Partners International and Publishing Trends‘ summer intern. In the time between when she was offered the position and when she started, Trendsetter asked her a few questions. A midsummer “during” and a final “after” installment will follow. Trendsetter: What part of what you know about Publishing Trends and MPI interests you most as you enter the internship? Livia: I’m very interested in the question of how—and if—technology and the Internet will benefit literature and publishing. So I think it’s very […]

Young Professional Profile: Beth Ardner

Each month, Patricia Payton will be interviewing a young person in ebooks. This month she focuses on Beth Ardner. Enthusiasm and curiosity have served Beth Ardner well in her career to date.  She graduated in 2006 from the Shippensburg University’s English program and is now Director of Sales and Marketing for print books for IGI Global, a press that specializes in library and technology content.  In the interim she has worked in six positions in two companies, Borders and IGI. Beth accomplished her career moves by consistently asking questions of her managers in order to […]

Leaving the Big House…with Lou Aronica

          In this series, I’ll be interviewing a host of publishing veterans who have left “big publishing house life” in pursuit of new publishing-related ventures.  I want to explore what these career publishing pros find to be the perennial aspects of publishing including the key traits and skills those new to the industry are wise to develop, plus their thoughts on the aspects of the business that are in flux. LOU ARONICA Time Served: 30 year career including posts as Former Publisher of Avon Books and […]

A Book Blogger Roundtable Discussion

In this day and age, book bloggers are a vital part of spreading word of mouth about books. I see this firsthand through my day job, where I direct online publicity campaigns for AuthorsOnTheWeb, a division of The Book Report Network, and through freelance projects. I interviewed a handful of bloggers that will be attending the Book Blogger Convention on May 27th to find out how long they have been blogging, why they are headed to the Javits, and what they hope to see at this year’s convention. How long […]

Thoughts from Steve Rosato for “Junior” and First-Time BEA Attendees

In preparing the BEA issue of Publishing Trends for May 2011, I interviewed Steve Rosato, Event Director of BookExpo America. Much of what we talked about in detail were recent changes to the event that would be of most interest to people who’ve been attending for many years–people who also have multiple London and Frankfurt Book Fairs on their passports. At the end of our discussion, though, Rosato spoke to some key ways a young professional (who probably doesn’t have any big deals or sells to make) can still get […]

Tokyopop Closes its Doors May 31st

What Does that Mean for Mainstream Publishers? Tokyopop, one of America’s largest comic publishers and the company credited with popularizing manga outside Japan, will officially close its doors in North America on Tuesday May 31st. The  announcement, made April 15th, didn’t surprise many followers of the comic book industry; rounds of layoffs had reduced the company to a six-person staff months earlier, and a collapse seemed inevitable even as early as March, 2011. But how did the company reach the point of collapse when, just eight years before, Steve Kleckner […]

Book Bloggers Converge at Javits

As the media landscape continues to fracture and “traditional” coverage of books continues to morph, publishers are increasingly embracing the Internet to get attention for the hundreds of books published each month. One segment of the online world can no longer be ignored: book bloggers. And on Friday, May 27th, a group of such bloggers will converge at the Javits Center for the Second Annual Book Blogger Convention. The Book Blogger Convention was conceived by Trish Collins, who blogs at Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? and co-runs Trish has blogged about books […]

BEA Behind the Scenes

As I (and perhaps you, dear reader), wade into a deeply established, complicated, and transforming industry, it can be hard to remember that the structures we encounter didn’t rise out of the sea along with Manhattan. All of this was once as innovative and unsure as enhanced ebooks or cloud-based lending systems are now. This is just as true of that book business shibboleth toward which we race around this time every year: BEA. Ever since my first internship in 2009, I knew that BEA was The Most Important Book […]

Welcome to Publishing Trendsetter!

  Publishing Trendsetter is where young book professionals (those who started their careers 10 years ago or less) can gather guidance and share knowledge and ideas. Just as importantly, it’s a place for industry veterans to engage with the most creative and gifted up-and-comers. With more than ten regular bloggers at all points in their career, a podcast, surveys, Q&A’s with Book-Biz Big-Wigs, and more, Trendsetter is about creating a new model for intergenerational professional dialogue and a brilliant future for the business of books.