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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Internviews: “Halfway”

Livia Nelson is the Editorial Assistant at Publishing Trendsetter, as well as Market Partners International and Publishing Trends‘ summer intern. In early May, Trendsetter asked her some preliminary questions about what she hoped to accomplish. Now that she her internship is halfway complete, we followed up. A third installment will come at the end of the summer. Trendsetter: What projects or areas of work at Publishing Trends and MPI have you enjoyed the most? What more do you hope to do before you leave? Livia: In it’s own infinite reflection way, helping […]

And the winner is: Whitney Frick!

Following our article from last week, Publishing Trendsetter is pleased to announce on behalf of the Ashmead Award Committee that Whitney Frick is the first recipient of the award. Whitney has been an Associate Editor at Scribner since 2008. She has already edited successful titles such as No Way Home by Carlos Acosta and The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais. Her recent aquisitions include My Balanchine by Varley O’Connor and Eating for Total Health from the Duke Center for Integrative Nutrition. “Whitney has all the qualities that Larry would […]

Design Candy: Dingbats

There’s nothing more exciting to me than a vintage find, and “discovering” Champion Linen’s Dingbats in my office is no exception.  I got a rush of glee from opening the album-sized slipcase and unveiling the linen paper inserts of geegaws, flourishes and ornaments – each page more interesting than the next.  The tiny engraved images are culled from old Dover catalogs and designed in a most appealing way by Paula Scher. Dingbats are typographical ornaments that have been used throughout the history of printing to break space and decorate the […]

How to Get the Job You WANT in Publishing

        In response to our “How to Get a Job” pieces, we’ve received some excellent responses—from all-too-familiar stories to thought-expandingquestions. One recent question struck me as especially important, and a vital side of the “path-finding” equation. I asked around among the experts we always have on speed-dial here at Trendsetter and promised our reader that at least one article would be addressed to her question.     This particular question came from a woman who’s been in production for 4 years at a Big 6 house. Just […]

The Ashmead Award: Part I

At this moment, Sharon Bowers (Agent at The Miller Agency), Brenda Segel (SVP and Director of Rights at HarperCollins), Emma Sweeney (The Emma Sweeney Agency), and Jason Kaufman (Editor at DoubleDay) are likely pouring over nominations for the first ever Larry Ashmead Award, trying to decide which up-and-coming editor deserves to be recognized for his/her work and attend this year’s Yale Publishing Course. As part of our mentorship series, Trendsetter talked to the Award’s four founders about their relationships with the late and great Larry Ashmead, how they hope to […]

ALA Conference 2011: A Preview

With ALA coming up at the end of this month, we thought it might be beneficial to provide some context and previews for those of you headed there for the first time. Here are some things to keep in mind as you head down to NOLA: The ALA Conference is older than the New York Public Library After trying to find footing for nearly 20 years, the first official ALA Conference was held October 4-6, 1876 in Philadelphia at the Centennial Exposition. This was also when the ALA itself was […]

Author Perspectives Podcast: Justin Cronin, Part II

Join podcast host Dana Barrett ( for Part II of her interview with New York Times-bestselling author Justin Cronin (The Passage). In today’s episode of the Podcast, Justin and I talk about the need for editors to edit – no matter what form a book is being delivered in, and no matter how famous the author.  We also talk about eReaders and the digital market along with the self-publishing/author direct models that are looming.

How To Get An Internship in Publishing: 5 Tips

Having an internship, whether pre- or post-graduation, is the true “Step 0” in a publishing career. Here, Livia Nelson, intern at Market Partners International /Publishing Trends and Editorial Assistant for Publishing Trendsetter, shares insight about her journey from overwhelmed college junior to happy-as-a-clam summer intern. 1. Figure out how to live in or near New York City Of course you’ll be able to find publishing internships in other major cities, or even at small presses in more suburban towns. But New York City is where it’s at. Wanting to work […]

Manga and the Mainstream: A Tempestuous Affair

A few weeks ago we discussed the collapse of American manga powerhouse Tokyopop, and the lessons spelled out in that end for publishers of both comics and mainstream books. This week, we’ll look at how comic books have interacted with the mainstream print industry, and how the loss of a manga megalith might affect the comics world at large. With the #1 company that primed manga readers (especially female readers, a huge chunk of the trade industry’s market) out of the picture, what will become of the illustrated novel? The […]

4 Generational Trends in Social Media

As we set out to take our first strides toward “intergenerational professional dialogue,” social media is clearly not a speed trap we can avoid. We ourselves occasionally experience some confusion at the way social media is referred to in industry strategy contexts as though it were some sort of super-power. What about social media makes it both panacea and dark continent? And beyond the ways book professionals are trying to harness social-media-marketing power, what good does it do them in the realm of professional growth? Will digital natives need to […]