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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Finding Your Path: The Road to a Perfect Career

I was almost finished with my less-than-electric internship at The Roanoker and Blue Ridge Country magazines when I received the single best piece of career advice of my life. For weeks I had been charged with compiling and fact-checking the regional calendar of events for a number of states. I learned the location of every food festival, 4-H convention, and bluegrass concert in a 500-mile radius. I came to understand the allure of Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN (though I never lived the dream.) This was before websites became ubiquitous, […]

How To Get A Job in Publishing

a note from the editor Top secret news here: across the country, thousands of people have graduated college and are looking for their dream jobs. It’s hard—that is, when it’s not demoralizing. People of all ages are out there looking for jobs, but as we think about career-starting, we want to spend the rest of the month building on an article that helped lay the foundation for Trendsetter itself: “How to Get a Job in Publishing” by Marian Schembari. Marian wrote the article for Publishing Trends back in September 2009, and it remains […]

Joana Dishes on International Publishing for DBW

      If you haven’t yet, you should definitely check out our own Joana Costa Knufinke‘s guest post on Digital Book World. And if you’re not familiar with DBW, take a few minutes to poke around and become a better-informed person. More from Joana soon… She’s clearly a popular lady!

Bringing Business into the Picture: Round Table Companies’ Graphic Novels

If you’ve read Rachel Stark’s first post about the closure of Tokyopop in May 2011, (and are looking forward to her next installment), then you know we’ve been thinking a lot about the state of Graphic/Comic publishing business in the US and around the world. A large part of Rachel’s investigation is into whether we’re currently at a turning point with graphic novels, and if so, from where we’re turning. Others in my age bracket might remember both the manga boom of the early 2000’s and the US publication of […]


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Author Perspectives Podcast: Justin Cronin, Part I

Welcome to the debut of the Publishing Trendsetters Podcast where host Dana Barrett ( asks authors what they REALLY think about our rapidly changing business. Let’s face it, without authors, we’d all be out of work. We’re in this industry because we love books: we love a good story, we love to read, and we love being a part of creating beautiful books and getting them into the hands of readers. So what do authors think of all the changes going on in our business? What are they worried about? […]

Design Candy: BEA

  Welcome to Design Candy: a column of design, covers, illustrations and other book-related images to spark your imagination.  Prepare to find here a mix of art and design that is – or could be – the next big thing for books. And what better way to kick off the eye candy than with one of the most visually-packed publishing occasions of the year – BEA!  I usually wander around the Javits overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of interesting design solutions.  Only this year, I managed to snap a few […]