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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Jake’s Reactions to Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 2: Applying

Every Friday, our very own book-job-hunter Jake shares his experiences with our Book-Job Boot Camp tips. This week, Jake talks about how our posts helped him with the application process.   Check back Monday morning for tips on our Week 3 topic, networking.

Get to Work!: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 2, Day 4

Since actually applying to jobs is the most central and difficult step to, well, applying for jobs, we’ll give you (and Jake) a day off to review this week’s tips about job listing locations, deciding where to apply, and resume/cover letter emailing so that you can get started on sending out those application emails. Check back in tomorrow for Jake’s video post about how this week went for him, and tune in next week for the next step in our Book-Job Boot Camp series: Networking!

The Nuances of Applying by Email: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 2

Some job listings (thought not all) are very specific about how they want their applications formatted. They may want a SUBJECT LINE IN ALL CAPS, or both resume and cover letter in the body of an email (this is really hard to do… just make sure it looks clean). But here are some general things to consider when polishing up your application email before hitting send: Remember: It’s standard form to put your cover letter in the body of an email, and send your resume as an attachment. Unlike sending […]

Build A Book: What All the Kids Are Talking About

Publishing Trendsetter is book business for the young folk, right? Meet Build-a-Book, book-business for very young folk. Seven and eight years young, in fact. Your fearless editor, letting nothing stand between her and second graders, markers, and picture-books, will be heading around the block to the Mid-Manhattan library every Monday lunchtime for the next 6 weeks for Everybody Wins! NY’s Build-a-Book Program. Everybody Wins! is a non-profit that combines the power of books and mentorship in their Power Lunch program, in which corporate volunteers go to a nearby school one day a week […]

Which [Hypothetical] Job is Right for You?: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 2

Book-Job Boot Camp ♦ Week 2, Tuesday We won’t say that we’re presuming ignorance—but because Julie Andrews informs us the very beginning is a very good place to start, and because we follow her lead whenever possible, Let’s Start at the Very Beginning. If you’re applying to internships only, your listings of choice will be pretty clear: primarily from Bookjobs’ internship page, or from a publisher’s own website. If there’s a small publishing house whose work you’re a huge fan of, but you can’t find out whether they offer internships, write […]

Hunting down the best book-job listings: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 2

 It’s time to send your polished resume and cover letter to some great job openings…once you find them. Here’re some places to start hunting. We publishers are an exclusive bunch. Though, yes, we probably do have some listings on, we mostly stick to our own websites: The name says it all. Hosted by the AAP, is a website solely devoted to connecting people with publishing and book business jobs and internships. They also feature testimonials from job-searchers, resources for minorities, and lovely features like “New to Publishing? […]

Jake’s Reaction to Book-Job Boot Camp Week 1

The first week of Book-Job Boot Camp, Preparing to Apply, is over, and we were excited to see how whether our tips helped Jake, a real-life, pub-job-hunting twenty-something living in New York City. Check out his reaction to Week 1:   And make sure to check back in Monday morning for our first installment of next week’s theme: Applying!

Refining Your Online Persona: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 1

Ah, LinkedIn, the social medium wherein kegstand photos are replaced with resume bullets and Groups revolve around career goals instead of bands, parties, and chain letters. For the young professional, LinkedIn is an ideal side-kick, a place to project only the information that you want employers to know about.  You may have gotten a LinkedIn profile as soon as you started looking for internships, or at the urging of your college’s career center. Your profile doesn’t have to overflow with information (it shouldn’t, in fact), but it should be detailed […]

Author Perspectives Podcast: Mary Alice Monroe

Join podcast host Dana Barrett ( for a chat with New York Times-bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe (THE BUTTERFLY’S DAUGHTER). In today’s episode of the podcast, Mary Alice Monroe and I talk about the independent bookstore’s perspective, how authors can get noticed in an ever changing digital climate, and the author’s and publicists roles in getting the word out.  We also talk about the value of the regional markets.

How to Write a Cover Letter: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 1

Click image to view full size. A cover letter is your resume’s soundtrack. When you’re done snorting at such an outlandish statement (as well you might), I’ll argue that there’s something of use in that metaphor. An employer looks over the terse, chronologically structured list of your resume and gathers a detailed idea of what you did, and maybe a bit of how, but not really any why. Now, please don’t get any ideas about mini autobiographies and epistolary studies of human motivation. What an employer seeks in a cover-letter […]