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Monthly Archives: July 2011

How to Write a Resume: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 1

Click image to view full size. Resume: the document that has all but metonymically come to stand for the job search itself. There’s more good/important/serious stuff about resumes online than you can shake a stick at. There are people who make resumes their profession. (Though if that’s the career you’re after, you might be on the wrong blog). But these are all great reasons to keep this as short as we can, and base it on the practicals of what has worked for us and people we trust. I promise: this […]

Internship or Job? Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 1

We’re off to the races! We hope you’ll accompany Jake on his job-finding journey over the next few weeks, and hope he and you both have very good luck. An important thing to evaluate before (or as) you set out on the great Publishing Entry Adventure, is how your experience and skills fit in with the current industry climate. That doesn’t mean, “The economic upswing is slow and publishers are reeling from falling book sales and digital, so no matter what my only hope is an unpaid internship.” What you—and Jake—will […]

Book-Job Boot Camp: A Sneak Peek

We’re getting ready for a new series next week that’s different from anything we’ve done thus far (hint: Videos! Live-footage! 20th century, here we come!). As a sneak-peek, we today introduce the star of  the project. Perhaps his undertaking will shed a little more light on your own, or at least make it more companionable.   Join us next Monday, July 18th for the next frontier in How To Find a Job in Publishing. *** Meet Jake Walsh. He’s from Portland, graduated college in 2010, has plenty of experience in book-selling, but […]

“Ten Things You Might Do to Get a Job”

Here’s a very specific and (we think) very helpful contribution to our How to Get a Job in Publishing project. This comes to us from the NYU-SCPS Center for Publishing via Bob Miller, Publisher at Workman—in his address to NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute. This list makes no bones about one key fact: “while there is no pure consensus on how publishers will stay on top of their game, we will all have to know more and do more in this business than our predecessors in the last century could have […]

Book Jobs, Not by the Book: Kimberly Lew

As we keep thinking about “How to Get a Job in Book Business,” it would be a true travesty (and tragedy), if we didn’t talk about how diverse the business is, and how the perfect job for you might be a job you never knew even was a job. This new series, dear Trendsetters, is about those jobs. Part I: The Industry Journalist Kimberly Lew is a not-by-the-book book worker who’s quite close to home. Or to desk: she sits about 10 feet from me and Livia here in the […]