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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Book-Jobs, Not by the Book: Joe Deemer

Joe Deemer is Editor at Printing Industries Press, the publishing arm of Printing Industries of America, the world’s largest graphic arts trade association. In addition to his publishing duties, Joe provides editing and proofreading support to other PIA departments. He is the author of Sustainability Studies in Print and several one-act plays including  “Alphabet Soup (or the Case for Plosives),” “Crossing Guards,” and “The Logistics of Heroism,” which have been performed around the country.  *** How do you explain your job to people? When I explain my job to people, I lead off […]

Recommended Reading: Lessons Learned from Cheese Monkeys

Our illustrious Publishing Trends Managing Editor, Kim Lew, who also sometimes  writes here, also writes for the blog Crazytown. This an excerpt of one of her recent posts there, meant to serve as a teaser. Definitely click on over to finish the article and to learn what a “Cheese Monkey” actually is. (Actually, sorry. That part is never explained. Nor is it, apparently, anywhere on the Information Highway.) *** I have a favorite graphic designer. Which is a thing, right? Like when you’re on a first date and he asks what you […]

Internviews Part 3: A Retrospective

Livia Nelson interned at Publishing Trendsetter from early May (before its launch) until a few weeks ago. Now that she’s back at school, she kindly agreed to retrospectively share her thoughts and answer questions about her experience. *** What specific tasks or projects completed across the summer do you feel were most valuable to your professional development? This is a difficult one… all of them? My tasks for Market Partners International taught me a lot more about the industry in general, which of course is important. As far as Publishing Trends, […]

Literary Translation: Publishing the World (for a Living!)

Samantha Steele, Assistant Literary Agent at the French Publishers’ Agency, explains the world of literary translation and how she got her start in the field. Then, she invites you to follow in her (and many other great pros’) footsteps! Unlike a lot of young publishing professionals, Samantha Steele knew she wanted to work in publishing early in her college career. In fact, she even knew what she wanted to do within the industry, and as a student at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study she designed a specialized major around […]

Why the NYU Summer Publishing Institute?

As we talk about all the things that can prepare you for the professional world of publishing and what are the best things for you, it seemed fitting to have our newest team member, Julia Nollen, tell us why she chose do to NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute Certificate program. Is it really worth the time and money, we wondered? As a recent college graduate and MPI‘s newest intern, I want to pursue a career in publishing because I enjoy every step of the process. Write, read, revise, design, discuss, repeat. […]

Built-a-Book: The Final 3 Weeks of Book Creation

Three posts across 6 weeks Everybody Wins!‘s Build-a-Book program is no mind-blowing achievement, but, if it’s any consolation (and it should be), the books our young author/editor/printer/illustrator/production coordinator/publicists created were so, so awesomely fantastic. If you ever get the chance to make a book with a child from beginning to end, you might also find yourself awestruck and admiring. The books that the teams presented to us yesterday (sales-meeting style), were all so funny and compassionate and clever, that for a moment, I completely forgot that The Future of Books […]

What Publishing Pros Look for in an Employee

Sometimes it’s best to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Or in this case, from the mouths of the publishing experts at Market Partners International who have decades of experience with book-biz and with interns, assistants, and associates. Seeing their answers gathered together like this is great, even if only to see what range and variation there can be in the way supervisors see a working relationship. And now, for the pearls of wisdom themselves. What are the top 3 things you look for in an assistant? ***   […]

Prepare Yourself (To Be a Great Publishing Professional: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 6

This last week is about preparing yourself for the job itself–for the day-in-day-outness of it all. No matter where you are in your job hunt, it doesn’t seem such a bad plan to wrap up by thinking what you want to see in yourself as a book-biz professional—not just what you want the interviewers to see.   *** If you’ve read the story of my long slog toward a publishing job that I really love, you know that my “must-haves” the second time around were much different than they were […]

Jake’s Reaction to Book-Job Boot Camp Week 5: Biding Your Time

Every week, Trendsetter’s own protege book-job-seeker Jake follows our advice posts in his quest to land a job in publishing. This week he talks about biding his time without losing his mind as the job search feels like it’s dragging on forever…

Design Candy: Three Book-Places I Love

When I need to gain inspiration, I try to find galleries, museums, or events around the city that combine my love of art, design AND books.  So if you have an afternoon to spend in New York City looking for the same inspiration, old and new, read on . . .  Photo by Joel Zimmer Art House Co-op – This small Williamsburg establishment is home to a VERY large exhibit: The Sketchbook Project.  Each year, thousands of artists contribute theme-based books (from a provided blank Moleskine), and the huge