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Monthly Archives: August 2011

An Interview with Ashmead Award-Winner Whitney Frick

Whitney Frick is living the young publishing professional’s dream. She landed a great entry-level job as assistant to the publisher at Scribner straight out of the Columbia Publishing Course, which lead to her current position there as an Assistant Editor. She’s acquiring and editing books she loves in genres like women’s health, cooking, and even fiction. She’s the first ever winner of the Ashmead Award, which we wrote about back in June, and just completed the Yale Publishing Course as part of her award. She’s engaged. And, oh yeah, did […]

Book-Folks I Love: The Vlogbrothers

As we talk about “biding our time,” we’re asking our bloggers and you about the things that remind us what a great thing a place in Book-Business is to struggle for. Here’s a report from blogger Rachel Stark. Oh, along with one of our favorite vlogbrothers videos. It’s obviously the one about Twilight.   “Whenever I need to be reminded of what makes all this hard work so worthwhile, I look to the other people in the industry, whose enthusiasm, brilliance, and delightful quirkiness I absolutely adore. Children’s book author John […]

Book-Place I Love: Loganberry Books

More than anything else, this is a cautionary tale about the persuasive powers of good interior decoration: a late November evening, and I was on the hunt for a birthday gift. Oh, and the gift needed to be a Yale Shakespeare Library copy of Twelfth Night. I.e., I wasn’t having much luck. I’d driven circles around Cleveland, it was time to head home, and the snow started. I’d turned down the wrong street, had no idea where I was, and drove past a purple and gold sign that read “Loganberry Books.” […]

Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 5: The Art of Chilling Out

If you are in fact human, waiting around for a job offer sucks—a thing it has in common with a lot of other things that you can’t control. While sending out more resumes and biding your time this week, send us your answer: why books? We’ll be sharing plenty of our own answers, too. Read on…

Biding Your Time: 7 Things to Do While You’re Job Hunting

Ah, the waiting game. Trust me, I’ve been there. The staring at the phone. The constant refreshing of the email. Before you pull a The Yellow Wallpaper and lose your cool, take a deep breath and rest assured that waiting is all a part of the process. You can pass your resume around like candy and rack up a whole calendar’s worth of interviews, but in most cases, unfortunately, it’s going to take some time before you land that dream job. First and foremost, don’t stop applying (or believing, really). Get into a […]

Jake’s Reactions to Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 4: The Interview

Every week, our own Book-Job boot-camper Jake weighs in on how our tips from the week have helped him out. While this week, “The Interview”, is unique because it’s too soon for Jake to have been contacted about any interviews–he just sent out his applications two weeks ago–he talks here about what our advice taught him about interviews he’s had in the past.

The Question of Questions: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 4 Day 4

One “insider” tip I hear and read over and over (making it not so “insider”, if you ask me) is to make sure that at the end of an interview, when asked, “So, do you have any questions for us?” that you should never say “No.” For many interviewers, not taking the opportunity to turn the tables and ask questions of your own means an instant line through your name on their candidate list. But the problem with this kind of advice is that it makes it sound more important to […]

Informational Interviews: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 4 Day 3

First of all: what does one of these informational interview things look like? We thought you might like to see for yourself in this short video… CAST Amy Rhodes…..Publishing Consultant, Sales & Marketing Guru, Interviewer Livia Nelson…..Trendsetter Intern, Rising College Senior, Interviewee   Winter break of my senior year of college, I got an “Informational Interview” with Random House. I took the 10 hour train ride back to New York several days early, slept on the floor of a friend’s friend, and showed up the next morning, poised with nerves, […]

What Not to Wear, Interview Edition: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 4 Day 2

The night before an interview, you can usually find me in my closet, mixing and matching every professional piece of clothing in my repertoire, only emerging once in a while to get feedback from my roommate. Perhaps it sounds superficial, but there’s a set philosophy behind it: having already done my research and run through my answers to any hypothetical questions in my head, the only thing that helps calm the nerves is organizing the only thing I can control – my appearance. Think of the interview outfit as your […]

Author Perspectives Podcast: Mary Kay Andrews

Join podcast host Dana Barrett ( for a chat with New York Times-bestselling author Mary Kay Andrews (SUMMER RENTAL). In today’s podcast, Mary Kay Andrews and I talk about how the world of publicity has changed in the digital era and about the editors’ role in developing new writing talent. We also chat about the “clutter” on shelves and how to find a quality book without wasting time and money.