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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Renewed, Revamped: Frankfurt Slogan Undergoes Revision for 2011

Rethink. Renew. Though these words have been the slogan for the Frankfurt Book Fair for quite some time now, 2011 marks the first year they’ve earned a spot on the logo. Trendsetter wanted to find out why, and we didn’t have to look very far. Frankfurt Director Juergen Boos attributes the logo change to a larger change occurring in the industry. Read on for an excerpt from the Frankfurt Book Fair’s official blog: “This year we’ve placed a slogan alongside our logo, and a lot of people have asked me […]

Calling All First-time Frankfurt Stories

If you work in book business, it’s a bit like making the Hajj: It happens once a year; you’ll be joined by other “People of the Book” from every tongue, tribe, and nation; and more than a few people go there hoping for miracles. The Frankfurt Book Fair is coming up in a few weeks, and we want to hear what it’s like when the magic is new. Do you have an incredible story of the first time you went decades ago? Was last year your first year? Maybe this […]

Brooklyn Book Festival 2011

Trendsetter is dedicated to the idea that book business (and its future) is everywhere—not just in New York City. But I would be remiss not to point you all toward an event that I love that’s taking place this weekend in a part of New York that I love even more. The Brooklyn Book Festival is going to be happening all this weekend, and it’s full of exactly the kind of book-culture I want more of: reader-focused, all ages, all genres, diverse and joyful. I hope to see you there […]

Publishing the World Gathers Fans of Translation, Cross-Cultural Dialogue, and Other Buzz-words

Since we got so many enthusiastic responses to Rachel’s great write-up of Samantha Steele last week, we thought we’d give you another peek into further developments for young folk wanting to pursue a career in translation or foreign rights. On a balmy evening last week, around 50 young book-biz folk and other noteworthies gathered in the courtyard of a Soho bar to celebrate the launch of Publishing the World. The undertaking is a joint venture between the German Book Office and the French Publishers Agency, hosted by Brittany Hazelwood on […]

Book Piracy Made Easy, Or: Whose Book Is It Anyway?

Spoiler alert: with ebook discussions come  copyright discussions. There are so many layers to these issues that people more experienced than I are still figuring out. Bureaucratic acrobatics abound. I was most recently baffled by the situation of certain European publishers who are finding it harder and harder to sell rights to US publishers because they (the EU publishers) insist on retaining e-rights. Is this because they want to try their hand at their own global English e-distribution? I asked Lucinda Karter of the French Publishers Agency. Well, if they […]

Career News: Promotions and Hires

For almost 20 years, our parent publication, Publishing Trends, has devoted generous space to the accomplishments and news of publishing colleagues and friends. It seems only fitting that Trendsetter do the same. Send YOUR career accomplishment to [email protected]!   An official welcome to our Autumn 2011 intern, Julia Nollen! Fresh out of NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute, she’s holding down two other internships on top of her time with us. You can read more about this brave soul on our About page. Also! Our very own Rachel Stark! Previously Marketing & […]

The Publishing Trends Time Machine: September 2000

Page 3 of the  September 2000 Publishing Trends  is pleased to bring you a truly timely blast from the past–what with a new Cader (and Schatzkin) venture, Publishers Launch taking off, and with digital books clinging to their role as Permanent Book-Biz Fixation. Personally, I find relief in both the change and continuity: new business ventures grow, technology changes, books still matter, and excitement about that stuff has been around much longer than anyone today has even been alive. Also, I like to think I’m a LOT more popular than I […]