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Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Way We Were: Publishers’ Websites “Readux”

Many thanks to international colleague Amanda DeMarco at for sending us her “deutscher Twist” to last week’s “Ten Years on the Information Highway.”  We especially love her cross-cultural commentary: Comparing the Germans to their American brethren, you’ll notice a few key differences. While Americans use the ‘flash-boom-bang!’ potential of the internet to crowd their pages with as much disorganized crap as possible, to present jumbled piles of images, and to really own the gif, Germans take a nearly minimalist approach, one that aged much better I must admit. Check it out here.

Ten Years on the Information Highway: Publishers Websites in 2001

There’s learning from history, and then there’s laughing at history. And then there’s doing both at once. For the love of putting the Digital Age and publishers’ place in it in lighthearted perspective, we point you to the joys of The Internet Archives‘ delightful tool, “The Wayback Machine.”  For those of us who weren’t around then, one of the greatest joys of giggling over what publishers were doing on the web (or “the World Wide Web” as they used to say) ten years ago is imagining where we will have […]

The Whiting Awards: Trendsetting with 10 Emerging Writers

Last night, Publishing Trends editor, Kim Lew, and I trotted accross Manhattan to attend the 27th annual Whiting Awards at TimesCenter. Actually for each of us, it was a first-time thing, but was certainly feel-good enough that I hope it becomes an annual tradition for me as well. The awards ceremony itself was low-key and not very long, but the key-note by Mark Doty (who himself won the prize in 1994) was pitch-perfect, in that he didn’t talk about himself, by and large. When he referred to himself, it was […]

Letters of Note Breaks Its Bloggish Bonds with Help from Unbound (and You)

I–like many of us–can admit to being a little overwhelmed and under-impressed by the torrent of books to pour from the blog-to-book-deals wave of the last few years (here’s to you, LOLcats). Blogs alone can have that effect–and then we add books to the mix?   But there are blogs I love, and a press announcement of this morning gives a great opportunity to introduce it those who do not know it to the blog itself. And, while I’m at it, its a chance to talk about a new kind of publishing […]

The Piracy Project, or: Will the “Real Author” Please Stand Up?

As promised in last week’s post,  it’s time for a more in-depth look at my favorite thing from the NY Art Book Fair, held September 30th-October 2nd. Namely, The Piracy Project at the Byam Shaw Library. By far one of the most intellectually sexy exhibits I ran across at the Fair, the Piracy Project was, when I happened upon it, represented by only one of its overseers, Eva Weinmayr, sitting behind a folding table covered in books and documents of all shapes and sizes. Her colleague and co-director, Lynn Harris, […]

Familiar Faces Make Their Way To Frankfurt

What do Angry Birds, Harry Potter, and Shrek have in common? Professional contributors who will be speaking at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. Publishing Perspectives Founder Edward Nawotka explains: “Does Angry Birds – what must surely be the most addictive app of all time – have a story? Indeed it does: the birds have had their eggs stolen by pigs and they want revenge. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet, this simple “story” has generated some 350 million downloads since the game’s launch in December 2009 – 150 million of those since […]

Read the Show, Watch the Book

Which came first: the film or the book? A liiiittle harder to tell than usual with this new project over at Wattpad. Pam Odina, who’s in publicity over there, explained the project to us this way: “BeActive Entertainment is syndicating a novel, [Aisling’s Diary] with the accompanying web series episode each week onto the Wattpad platform – web and Android and iOS apps. Instead of reading a novel and then waiting until a series or movie adaptation comes out, the webisode/novel hybrid will let readers/watchers experience the content simultaneously.” Do you think […]

The NY Art Book Fair: The Savvy Hipster’s Answer to BEA

Hello, Trendsetters! If you noticed a bit a lull around here lately, you wouldn’t be mistaken. I, your intrepid editor, was traipsing around Morocco, taking a much-needed holiday from computers (among other things). And like everyone else in Bookland, we’ve been busier and busier around the office with Frankfurt prep–especially plans for Market Partners International‘s contribution to the festivities, Publishers Launch: Children’s Publishing Goes Digital, hosted by our president, Lorraine Shanely. But in the face of all of this Out of the Ordinary, Intern Julia did a fabulous job of […]

Icelandic Imagery on Display at Frankfurt

“Questions on the state of a nation—whether in technology, politics, sociology, environment, ethnology or history—are more clearly stated in the work of visual artists, musicians, architects, designers and writers, in theater and film, than in the news reports of newspaper and periodicals.” – Fabulous Iceland Iceland is experiencing a time of revolution: artistically and socially, technologically and ideologically. It is said that art mirrors its society, and Iceland’s extensive Frankfurt exhibition will showcase the little island’s vast history and sublime beauty in numerous photography, film, music, dance, design, and architecture […]

Icelandic Industry to Turn Over New Leaf for Frankfurt

Iceland is a country often overlooked and misunderstood, wrongly considered an isolated island from which few cultural exports reach our shores. Having flourished from ranking as one of the poorest countries in the world to one rich in cultural exports, Iceland will again reinvent itself and re-release many of its ancient literature alongside edgy works by young poets as Guest of Honor at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. The fair is considered an annual meeting place for industry experts from around the world to “come together and create something new.” And […]