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Monthly Archives: December 2011

In Memorium: George Whitman and “the Next Generation” of Book Business

Publishing Trendsetter has set out to be relevant to “a new generation of publishers,” and I am firmly of the belief that one of the most valuable things to any “new” generation is a connection to generations that came before, along with a nuanced understanding of what remains constant, what has changed, and why. Everyone who read last week of the death of George Whitman, age 98, and founder of Shakespeare & Co. (the memorial homepage they have up now is stunning; be sure to take a look) bookstore in Paris, had […]

Deck the Shelves! Samantha Chooses “Middlesex”

Samantha Steele is no stranger to the pages of Trendsetter. Columnist Rachel Stark profiled Sam’s cosmopolitan career with the French Publishers Agency earlier this year, and Samantha and her colleague Brittany Hazelwood at the German Book Office have been loyal friends and allies of Trendsetter from very early on. So bonne année et bonne santé!   Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides Picador $15.00 My pick for 2011 is Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex. I read this one in anticipation of his latest, The Marriage Plot, but the new one (in my humble opinion) […]

Deck the Shelves! Grace Chooses “The Skinny on Time Management”

Grace Vinton works in Publicity at Rand Media Company,  a multi-media publisher producing no-nonsense, multi-platform resources for enriching and improving reading. She suggests giving the gift of time this holiday season. Twilight Zone or TrueLife? (or nothing to do with TV at all??)       The Skinny on Time Management is a book by our publishing house (Rand Media Co, $14.95) that is so crazy helpful. This past year, I have gone back to it from time to time to get tips on how to use my time better. It would […]

Deck the Shelves! Susan Chooses “The Boy”

Susan Toy was one of our many wonderful supporters in the blogosphere after the release of Lifecycle of a Book. She’s also a consultant and vocal supporter of authors who are trying to find their place in the changing world of publishing. Make sure to check out her blog.   The Boy by Betty Jane Hegerat Published by Oolichan Books, Fernie, BC, Canada With The Boy, Hegerat has skillfully woven together the fact of investigative journalism with the fiction of a novella using strands of memoir and a writer’s journal. […]

Deck the Shelves! Joy Chooses “The Weird Sisters”

Joy Azmitia is an Agent at Russell & Volkening Literary Agency. She’s also the first person who agreed to make a video for Life Cycle of a Book, and will therefore always hold a special place in the Trendsetter Hall of Fame slash our hearts. (You can watch her wonderful video on the lit agent life here).   The Weird Sisters   by Eleanor Brown Amy Einhorn Books (Putnam) $24.95 Hardcover; $15.00 Paperback Reason why I would buy this book as a gift this Christmas:  I fell in love with the […]

Deck the Shelves! Joe Picks “Rules for My Unborn Son”

Joe Deemer is a really fun guy who also happens to be Editor at Printing Industries of America, an organization that supports the needs and endeavors of printers of all sizes and kinds across the US. You can read our fascinating convo with him about all things paper here.   Rules for My Unborn Son by Walker Lamond St. Martin’s Press $14.99 My wife and I had our first child (a son) in February of 2011. I suppose it’s common to be filled with fear and anxiety about all that […]

Deck the Shelves! Livia Chooses Everything is Illuminated

Livia was Trendsetter’s very first intern, and we couldn’t have asked for anyone more perfect to help us find our feet. She’s also the founder and maintainer of the Tumblr phenomenon, Yeah Write!, a creative writing community with more than 12,000 members.   Everything Is Illuminated Jonathan Safran Foer Houghton Mifflin Harcourt $13.99 Livia says:  “Okay, I know I’m a little behind the boat on this one, but I read it while interning at Trendsetter this summer, and it was definitely my favorite book that I read this year. I […]

Deck the Shelves! Trendsetter Friends Share Their “Best Books for Giving” of 2011.

TRUTH: 2011 has been downright superb for Publishing Trendsetter. First of all, we started this year, but we’ve also gathered an incredible circle of friends who’ve give Trendsetter whatever success it’s found, and who have given me, its Editor, invaluable words of support and kindness. You may or may not have ever read an article by them, but they’ve all added some kind of needed “content” to this blogfull of possibilities. Needless to say, we trust them a lot, and thought to bring some of their impeccable taste to you […]

Special Merchandise: When is a Bookstore Not a Bookstore?

That’s the question that Dan Clowes very cheekily asks with the December 5, 2011 cover of The New Yorker. The tricks that booksellers have to use to stay open in this day and age are many: more events, more social media, and–the one this artwork hones in on–more special merchandise. In an article Publishing Trends published back in the fall in preparation for the regional booksellers fairs, we noted that the conferences were offering more workshops and training sessions of starting lines of special merchandise than ever before. But in […]