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Monthly Archives: January 2012

How to Get a Job in Publishing That ISN’T in New York

How can you get a virtual foot in the publishing door from a thousand miles away? According to Jeremy Soldevilla: Make like an author and build a platform. **** Publishing has always been a difficult industry to land that first job in—almost as hard as it has been for a new writer to get published. But in the past few years, thanks to technology, that’s changing. A young person with skills, energy, and passion has many more opportunities than ever before to jump into the industry. Traditional publishers have historically been […]

Inside Tour of Audible with GalleyCat & MediaBistro TV

As you think about all the places it’s possible to work in book business–and the ever-more unexpected places it’s possible to find yourself in said business–the most recent episode of “Cubes” is highly recommended. GalleyCat peeks in for a tour of  Audible, which is only one of the many exiting undertakings going on in the Wild World of Amazon these days. Here’s what they found:

Book-jobs, Not by the Book: Susan Toy, Author Consultant at Alberta Books Canada

Susan Toy is a veteran book professional who is carving out a niche for herself in a nascent-but-booming section of the business: author-focused expertise. Or, as she much more glamorously likes to put it, she’s an “Author Impresario.”  ****  I’ve had a life-long love affair with books. As a child, I read voraciously then studied English literature in university, knowing full well that the only job I’d be qualified for was as a bookstore clerk. I managed to land that position in the late 70s and never looked back. Since […]

From Stage to Screen: Theatre Publishers Going Digital

While the word “ebook” might be both a major point of contention and opportunity for advancement in the trade publishing biz, for other publishing sectors, going digital can fall into a completely different hierarchy of priorities. New technology is certainly shaping every aspect of the publishing industry—but what does digital mean in a genre built around physical elements? In theatre publishing, making actual books is only one aspect of the publishing process. Whereas individual book sales are usually the endgame of trade publishing, in theatre publishing, individual books are often […]

Book Jobs, Not by the Book: Jesse Potash from PUBSLUSH

Jesse Potash may not have a staid and traditional CV in the world of publishing, but boy, has his new venture been attracting some buzz in the book-biz media of late. PUBSLUSH is setting out to do a bit of what Unbound is doing in the UK, but also a bit of what TOMS has been doing on feet around the world. Trendsetter sat down with Jesse to find out more about book-business as experienced by the founder of one of the more innovative social start-ups out there. **** What […]

Skyhorse Publishing Has Got Your Back…list

  Skyhorse Publishing’s latest business initiative: less Corporate Acquisitions, more Neighborhood Barn Raising. **** Skyhorse Publishing announced a new program yesterday, an indie-publishers-helping-indie publishers sort ‘o deal. It all has to do with Backlist. With all the glamour and hoopla of Sales Conference (glamour embodied, without a doubt. [<– sarcasm]) and anticipation of new books coming out every season, it might not be evident how integral a backlist is to a publisher’s success. Backlist books are all those books a publisher published before this newest season that are still in print […]

Biblioteca Reviews: Making Kids Book Reviews a Family Affair

On this episode of Serendipity in Social Media: When Eight Cousins Biblioteca Reviews (@bibliotecharev) started following Trendsetter on Twitter a few months back, I checked out their website and was simultaneously tickled and impressed. The eight cousins in question range in age from 2 to 12, and with the help of their parents maintain a website on which they record thoughts and recommendations on the books they read (and a few movies they watch). In my opinion, their project’s an energetic and entertaining answer to the questions both of Why book reviews? and […]