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Monthly Archives: February 2012

How to Have a Mentor, How to Be a Mentor: 10 Tips from Emily Books’ Panel

Several weekends ago, I attended “Like a Boss,” a panel discussion hosted by Emily Books to celebrate their February book pick, Sempre Susan by Sigrid Nunez, a book whose subject is the simultaneously growth-and-strife-inducing relationship between the Nunez and legendary author and intellectual Susan Sontag. But the event had a bigger theme than this single book. Its focus was the wider subject of mentorship. The lineup of Heidi Julavits, co-editor of The Believer; novelist and teacher Alexander Chee; founder Will Schwalbe; and Doree Shafrir, digital journalist (currently of Buzzfeed), […]

Why the Toy Fair? On Books and Brands

What’s the book-buzz at an event with no “book” in the name? It all has to do with getting to know the broader landscape in which book-business exists. Here’s a bit of the news from Toy Fair 2012.         When I went on my first Publishing Trends “in the field” assignment exactly one year ago, I was very enthusiastic, but also bit confused: the name “Toy Fair,” contains neither “books” nor “publishing,” words (or derivatives thereof) that I generally expect in this line of work. I piped […]

Lifecycle of an Ebook: What Comes Next

Lifecycle of a Book has proved a perennial favorite these past few months, and we love how it’s been so many things to so many people (much like a good book, eh?). Just imagine my delight when I ran across this in the Publishing Trends archives several months ago: a Lifecycle for the Trends crowd from the BEA 2007 edition, demonstrating what Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) could reveal about where books go on their travels to–and amongst–consumers. Oh-so cutting-edge. It’s obviously a “bigger picture” Lifecycle, focused on what happens […]

Festival Neue Literatur – For All Those “Neue” to Book-Business

Brittany Hazelwood on why the Festival Neue Literatur is a can’t-miss event for all young book-professionals located in the Big Apple February 10-12, 2012. **** The Festival Neue Literatur (FNL) (that’s “Festival of New Literature”), celebrates its third year by bringing rising German-language authors– representing Austria, Germany and Switzerland–to New York. The diversity among the featured authors runs the full gamut, from debut authors to prizewinners, along with multicultural storytellers and rapidly ascending literary stars. The six selected German-language authors, Catalin Dorian Florescu, Inka Parei, Monica Cantieni,Linda Stift, Erwin Uhrmann, and Larissa Boehning, will engage […]

A Publisher’s Menagerie: Stories behind Publishers’ Animal Logos

This idea sprang from a phone conversation overheard a few months ago in the Market Partners International offices, in which one of the partners was reminiscing with an old friend about publishing animals past and present. Although heavy on whimsy, the stories behind these animals are one of those peeks at “vintage” publishing trivia that most of us, deep down, have difficulty getting enough of.   JP Leventhal told us the story this way: “When I was starting up, I had originally thought of calling the company ‘Black Dog Books.’  Everyone in […]

5E: Five Editors, Five Perspectives, Freelance Editors Band Together

One creative solution to being lost in the sea of freelancers–what’s yours? When thinking about a professional future in publishing, the question of freelancing is bound to come up–especially for editors and especially in the increasingly “outsourced” climate we live in. Last week, one publishing veteran, Jeremy Soldevilla had some great ideas for the ways that freelancing can contribute to building a career. But what if you’re a few years in? Is being a freelance editor, publicist, or marketer as rewarding, challenging, lucrative or–to use a very technical term–“real” as […]