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Publishing Trendsetter is where young book professionals (those who started their careers 10 years ago or less) can gather guidance and share knowledge and ideas. But just as importantly, it’s a place for veterans to engage with the industry’s most creative and gifted up-and-comers.


NinaNina Sabak is editor and social media manager at Publishing Trends and Publishing Trendsetter and the office manager at Market Partners International. She received her MFA in fiction from the University of Pittsburgh in 2016, where she served as co-editor-in-chief of Hot Metal Bridge Magazine. Nina is a West Virginia native, an incorrigible pun-maker, and a lover of Soviet animation. Send her your thoughts about the best Cheburashka character at [email protected] or @ninasabak on Twitter.



DJ DeSmyterDJ DeSmyter is a cat-loving editorial assistant with an obsession for the CW and all things Broadway. When he’s not editing and reading for work, he can be found looking at the world through a camera or stringing melodies together at the piano.



Amy Li is a graduate of Syracuse University, where she double majored in Writing & Rhetoric  and French. She worked for just over a year as an assistant editor at Skyhorse Publishing and interned at Folio Literary Management before that. When she isn’t reading, she spends her time eating her way through New York City, pretending to be an art connoisseur at the Met, and binge watching Netflix.


Suman S

Suman Seewat is a Marketing Coordinator at HarperCollins Canada. After completing her Master of Arts in History, she studied Publishing at Ryerson University and interned at both HarperCollins Canada and McClelland & Stewart. She can be found on Twitter at @suman_says where she talks about YA books and television.




Carly Crookston lives and works in the fascinating publishing world of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is also a freelance writer, and a featured writer for Venture Magazine. Carly loves traveling, reading nonfiction and YA lit, and exploring the local scenes downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.




Liz Janetschek was the fall 2012 editorial intern at Publishing Trendsetter, Publishing Trends, and Market Partners International. Formerly an editorial intern at Bellevue Literary Press, Liz is a senior at Hofstra University, where she is completing her Bachelors in publishing studies and psychology. Email her at [email protected]



Shannon Kobran is an Editorial Assistant at Pearson Education, 2010 graduate of Dickinson College and the Denver Publishing Institute, and creator of FrontMatterNY, a Facebook networking community that aims to help new and aspiring publishing professionals adapt to life in New York. During working hours, she edits those tabbed handbooks you all had to buy in college. After work you can find her reading on the A-train, eating Indian food in the East Village, or watching Downton Abbey on her laptop.


Kate McKenzie

Kate McKenzie is a graduate student at the University of Melbourne and is currently completing a Masters of Publishing and Communications. She blogs about writing, editing, libraries and language at, and is editor of a zine called Lasso. She works at the local library and also at the Emerging Writers Festival. Her other talents include looking at cat pictures. Follow her on twitter @katemac4.


Elisabeth Watson

Elisabeth Watson, founder and former Managing Editor of Publishing Trendsetter, was also Research and Editorial Associate for Market Partners International and Publishing Trends. With a beginning in rare and out-of-print bookselling, her resume also includes trade and scholarly publishing. She holds a Bachelors in the Philosophy of Religion from Vassar College and takes an inexhaustible supply of questions wherever she goes.




Sam Howard started her career in publishing at W.W. Norton and Company, as an editorial intern, and then worked for two years on the literary agency side of things at the Joy Harris Literary Agency and then the Waxman Leavell Literary Agency. A graduate of Grand Valley State University with degrees in English & Women and Gender Studies, Sam is also a crafter, hiker, and lover of the Midwest. She was an Editor and Social Media Manager at Publishing Trendsetter as well as Publishing Trends and Manager at Market Partners International


Jen Donovan was an Editorial Assistant at Publishing Trendsetter and Publishing Trends as well as the Office Manager at Market Partners International. While completing her degrees in English and Journalism at NYU, Jen began her publishing career by interning at Penguin Group (USA) and Folio Literary Management.  When she’s  not reading, Jen can be found exploring NYC, trying out a new recipe, or checking up on Philadelphia sports news.

Kimberly Lew is a writer/blogger/bookseller who graduated from NYU.  She was previously the Publications Associate at Playscripts, Inc. and previously served as Editorial Manager for Publishing Trends, and Managing Editor to Publishing Trendsetter.  She has two one-act plays published by Playscripts, Inc., and other plays have been read around New York and semi-finalists for the O’Neill Playwrights Conference and Ashland New Plays Festival. She manages the blog Emerging Musical Theatre, which profiles up-and-coming writers in the musical theatre community, and she also contributes to arts/humor blog Crazytown.

Margo Fitzpatrick was the Summer 2016 intern at 13329428_10156970701085075_87468033237163231_oPublishing Trendsetter, Publishing Trends, and Market Partners International. She studies at the University of Chicago, where she is majoring in English Language and Literature. A senior in the college, her current focus is complying research for her BA, which will analyze the artistic collaboration between Beat writers, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs. She enjoys reading fiction with unique narrative voices, traveling, and trying new restaurants.


MNakayama.BioPic (1)

Moè Nakayama was the spring 2015 intern at Publishing Trendsetter, Publishing Trends, and Market Partners International. She began her journey in publishing as an editorial intern at W. W. Norton & Company. A graduate of the University of Chicago, where she studied Russian Literature, she has an appetite for foreign languages, walkable cityscapes, and chocolate (any kind). She hails from Kobe, Japan.


DSC_0016 Thomas Collins was the Spring 2013 intern at Market Partners/Publishing Trends/Publishing Trendsetter. He has previously worked at The Fader and on literary journals at NYU, where he is currently pursuing a BA. His academic interests include literature, creative writing, and media studies. Email him at [email protected].



Eshani Surya was the Fall 2013 intern at Market Partners, Publishing Trends, and Publishing Trendsetter, and has previously worked in other realms of publishing through the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency and various literary magazines. Eshani has also pursued interests in the field of academia, and spends time writing poetry and fiction. Her main focus is completing her BA at NYU in English and creative writing. On a side note, Eshani loves really inky pens, duvets, and sea salt chocolate.


Livia Nelson is a graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, double majoring in English and German Literature. She was born and raised in Ridgefield, Connecticut. She is the creator and maintainer of a creative writing community blog, Yeah Write!. Email: [email protected].






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