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For the Love of Lit Mags

If you were to ask me to pinpoint when exactly my career in publishing and writing started, I would immediately think of a very specific room of my high school. Every day at lunch, that English classroom would turn into a small publishing house where my peers and I would read poems and short stories written by our peers and brainstorm how to collect those works into one book. I would play around with page layouts in InDesign and look at art submissions and fundraise so that we could successfully […]

Moving Right Along: What Changing House or Department Means for a Publishing Career

Much of what we talk about here at Trendsetter involves starting your career in publishing, but for those who have already landed the entry level job, a whole new set of challenges presents itself. It’s one thing to get your foot in the door, but how do you ensure that you continue to grow and learn and (hopefully) even get a raise in the process? This past week, our parent site, Publishing Trends, has run a series of articles on “How to Get Your Second Job in Publishing,” and earlier […]

An Education: Looking at the New CUNY Publishing Institute

While there are a several programs already in existence to aid both publishing hopefuls and industry vets in expanding their horizons, the City University of New York (CUNY) hopes to throw its own hat in the ring with the CUNY Publishing Institute, a week-long program planning its pilot session in June. Helmed by Institute Director and Co-founder of OR Books, John Oakes, this program will aim to educate by combining a varied roster of industry professionals from startups to goliaths like Amazon and Random House to present an important “cross-section […]

The Perks of Being a Bookseller

The day I moved to New York, I remember staring out the window of the car and happening to see a sign hanging in the window of the Barnes & Noble in Union Square with simple, but incredibly important information: “We’re Hiring.” Once my dad and I unloaded the car, he drove away and I walked back to the bookstore to fill out an application. I was called in a few days later for an interview. Something about being a bookseller creates ties that bind. At parties, I often find […]

From Stage to Screen: Theatre Publishers Going Digital

While the word “ebook” might be both a major point of contention and opportunity for advancement in the trade publishing biz, for other publishing sectors, going digital can fall into a completely different hierarchy of priorities. New technology is certainly shaping every aspect of the publishing industry—but what does digital mean in a genre built around physical elements? In theatre publishing, making actual books is only one aspect of the publishing process. Whereas individual book sales are usually the endgame of trade publishing, in theatre publishing, individual books are often […]

Biding Your Time: 7 Things to Do While You’re Job Hunting

Ah, the waiting game. Trust me, I’ve been there. The staring at the phone. The constant refreshing of the email. Before you pull a The Yellow Wallpaper and lose your cool, take a deep breath and rest assured that waiting is all a part of the process. You can pass your resume around like candy and rack up a whole calendar’s worth of interviews, but in most cases, unfortunately, it’s going to take some time before you land that dream job. First and foremost, don’t stop applying (or believing, really). Get into a […]

What Not to Wear, Interview Edition: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 4 Day 2

The night before an interview, you can usually find me in my closet, mixing and matching every professional piece of clothing in my repertoire, only emerging once in a while to get feedback from my roommate. Perhaps it sounds superficial, but there’s a set philosophy behind it: having already done my research and run through my answers to any hypothetical questions in my head, the only thing that helps calm the nerves is organizing the only thing I can control – my appearance. Think of the interview outfit as your […]

6 Networking Dos and Don’ts: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 3, Day 1

Kimberly Lew is the Managing Editor of Trendsetter’s parent publication, Publishing Trends, and office-space-sharer of our own Elisabeth and Livia. When I think of networking, the mental image tends towards that archetypal “Suit” with sunglasses and a cell phone perpetually glued to his hand. “We’ll be in touch,” he says smarmily, as he hands you his card, maybe winking at you before returning to his all-important phone conversation. Perhaps I watch too many movies. In reality, networking is an essential part of the working world, and it can make all […]