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Finding Your Path: The Road to a Perfect Career

I was almost finished with my less-than-electric internship at The Roanoker and Blue Ridge Country magazines when I received the single best piece of career advice of my life. For weeks I had been charged with compiling and fact-checking the regional calendar of events for a number of states. I learned the location of every food festival, 4-H convention, and bluegrass concert in a 500-mile radius. I came to understand the allure of Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN (though I never lived the dream.) This was before websites became ubiquitous, […]

Leaving the Big House…with Lou Aronica

          In this series, I’ll be interviewing a host of publishing veterans who have left “big publishing house life” in pursuit of new publishing-related ventures.  I want to explore what these career publishing pros find to be the perennial aspects of publishing including the key traits and skills those new to the industry are wise to develop, plus their thoughts on the aspects of the business that are in flux. LOU ARONICA Time Served: 30 year career including posts as Former Publisher of Avon Books and […]