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From London to New York: Book Publishing Culture Shock (Kindof)

Lisa Vanterpool just finished her MA in Publishing at Kingston University in London, where she also worked at a literary and film agency. She moved to New York  last month and has embarked on the next phase of her publishing career, joining the team at InkWell Management as a Public Relations and Social Media Strategist. Here are some of her first impressions of the the contrasts between book biz on either side of the Pond. **** “Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it, New York, New […]

Becoming a Literary Agent…Eventually

Publishing Trendsetter is thrilled to welcome Lisa Vanterpool as a regular contributor–and our first international correspondent, at that. She first joined us as a guest contributor during the London Book Fair, sharing observations that are a must-read for any young professional, no matter where in the world you’re attending book fairs. Lisa left the US to get her MA in Publishing at Kingston University – London, and says she “hasn’t looked back since.” Here’s looking forward to vicariously sharing her adventures. **** Before I even handed in my final paper for […]

London Book Fair 2012

Glimpses of Lisa Vanterpool’s first visit to the London Book Fair…

My London Book Fair Debut: Lisa Vanterpool

­­   Lisa Vanterpool, a young American professional studying publishing in the UK, shares the ups, downs, and lessons learned on the ground on that special day that happens only once in a lifetime: the first day of her first-ever London Book Fair.   BY LISA VANTERPOOL As a London Book Fair virgin I made a rookie mistake: I wore heels. Don’t ask me what I was thinking. Somehow, I had set in my mind that heels would make me look more professional, more together. Well, let me tell you, there […]