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Internviews Part 3: A Retrospective

Livia Nelson interned at Publishing Trendsetter from early May (before its launch) until a few weeks ago. Now that she’s back at school, she kindly agreed to retrospectively share her thoughts and answer questions about her experience. *** What specific tasks or projects completed across the summer do you feel were most valuable to your professional development? This is a difficult one… all of them? My tasks for Market Partners International taught me a lot more about the industry in general, which of course is important. As far as Publishing Trends, […]

Prepare Yourself (To Be a Great Publishing Professional: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 6

This last week is about preparing yourself for the job itself–for the day-in-day-outness of it all. No matter where you are in your job hunt, it doesn’t seem such a bad plan to wrap up by thinking what you want to see in yourself as a book-biz professional—not just what you want the interviewers to see.   *** If you’ve read the story of my long slog toward a publishing job that I really love, you know that my “must-haves” the second time around were much different than they were […]

Jake’s Reaction to Book-Job Boot Camp Week 5: Biding Your Time

Every week, Trendsetter’s own protege book-job-seeker Jake follows our advice posts in his quest to land a job in publishing. This week he talks about biding his time without losing his mind as the job search feels like it’s dragging on forever…

An Interview with Ashmead Award-Winner Whitney Frick

Whitney Frick is living the young publishing professional’s dream. She landed a great entry-level job as assistant to the publisher at Scribner straight out of the Columbia Publishing Course, which lead to her current position there as an Assistant Editor. She’s acquiring and editing books she loves in genres like women’s health, cooking, and even fiction. She’s the first ever winner of the Ashmead Award, which we wrote about back in June, and just completed the Yale Publishing Course as part of her award. She’s engaged. And, oh yeah, did […]

Jake’s Reactions to Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 4: The Interview

Every week, our own Book-Job boot-camper Jake weighs in on how our tips from the week have helped him out. While this week, “The Interview”, is unique because it’s too soon for Jake to have been contacted about any interviews–he just sent out his applications two weeks ago–he talks here about what our advice taught him about interviews he’s had in the past.

The Question of Questions: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 4 Day 4

One “insider” tip I hear and read over and over (making it not so “insider”, if you ask me) is to make sure that at the end of an interview, when asked, “So, do you have any questions for us?” that you should never say “No.” For many interviewers, not taking the opportunity to turn the tables and ask questions of your own means an instant line through your name on their candidate list. But the problem with this kind of advice is that it makes it sound more important to […]

Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 3: Jake’s Experiences with Networking

Our very own book-job-searcher, Jake, talks about his experience with our networking tips from this week.

To Blog or Not to Blog: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 3, Day 4

Bouncing off our post from Week 1 about refining your online persona, it may be helpful to start a blog before or during your job search. You may have heard about people whose blogs helped them land jobs, like Marian Schmebari, whose “How to Get a Job in Publishing” post for Publishing Trends sparked this entire series (or yours truly, whose creative writing blog sparked some interest when I was applying for internships). But signing up for a blog just to post funny cat videos and long laments about your […]

Making the Most of Your Alma Mater’s Alumnae/i Directory: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 3, Day 3

If you went to a big school, it’s probably happened before: you see someone on the street wearing a Tar Heel hat; you high-five. You’re at your cousin’s baby shower and another guest mentions she went to UMich, too; you spend the rest of the party talking about professors and buildings and bars. And if you went to a small school and you run into someone who went there too, that person is, basically and instantly, your new best friend. This is the principal upon which alumni networks are based: […]

Jake’s Reactions to Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 2: Applying

Every Friday, our very own book-job-hunter Jake shares his experiences with our Book-Job Boot Camp tips. This week, Jake talks about how our posts helped him with the application process.   Check back Monday morning for tips on our Week 3 topic, networking.