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Literary Translation: Publishing the World (for a Living!)

Samantha Steele, Assistant Literary Agent at the French Publishers’ Agency, explains the world of literary translation and how she got her start in the field. Then, she invites you to follow in her (and many other great pros’) footsteps! Unlike a lot of young publishing professionals, Samantha Steele knew she wanted to work in publishing early in her college career. In fact, she even knew what she wanted to do within the industry, and as a student at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study she designed a specialized major around […]

Manga and the Mainstream: A Tempestuous Affair

A few weeks ago we discussed the collapse of American manga powerhouse Tokyopop, and the lessons spelled out in that end for publishers of both comics and mainstream books. This week, we’ll look at how comic books have interacted with the mainstream print industry, and how the loss of a manga megalith might affect the comics world at large. With the #1 company that primed manga readers (especially female readers, a huge chunk of the trade industry’s market) out of the picture, what will become of the illustrated novel? The […]

Tokyopop Closes its Doors May 31st

What Does that Mean for Mainstream Publishers? Tokyopop, one of America’s largest comic publishers and the company credited with popularizing manga outside Japan, will officially close its doors in North America on Tuesday May 31st. The  announcement, made April 15th, didn’t surprise many followers of the comic book industry; rounds of layoffs had reduced the company to a six-person staff months earlier, and a collapse seemed inevitable even as early as March, 2011. But how did the company reach the point of collapse when, just eight years before, Steve Kleckner […]