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Deck the Shelves! Joy Chooses “The Weird Sisters”

Joy Azmitia is an Agent at Russell & Volkening Literary Agency. She’s also the first person who agreed to make a video for Life Cycle of a Book, and will therefore always hold a special place in the Trendsetter Hall of Fame slash our hearts. (You can watch her wonderful video on the lit agent life here).


The Weird Sisters


by Eleanor Brown

Amy Einhorn Books (Putnam)

$24.95 Hardcover; $15.00 Paperback

Reason why I would buy this book as a gift this Christmas:  I fell in love with the novel, The Weird Sisters, because of its themes: sisterly bonds, jealousy and betrayal, the disappointments of adulthood, and how to find the way home again after things crumble down around you. The fresh voice and unusual perspective (first-person plural) combine to hint at a sort of collective-consciousness, as if Rosalind, Cordelia, and Bianca are connected so deeply that they can sense each other’s thoughts and agree (or disagree) without words. This novel makes you want to forgive your family, and yourself, for past-imperfections and just love what’s there, which is why this is the perfect Christmas buy.

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