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Deck the Shelves! Samantha Chooses “Middlesex”

Samantha Steele is no stranger to the pages of Trendsetter. Columnist Rachel Stark profiled Sam’s cosmopolitan career with the French Publishers Agency earlier this year, and Samantha and her colleague Brittany Hazelwood at the German Book Office have been loyal friends and allies of Trendsetter from very early on. So bonne année et bonne santé!




by Jeffrey Eugenides



My pick for 2011 is Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex. I read this one in anticipation of his latest, The Marriage Plot, but the new one (in my humble opinion) doesn’t hold a candle to this immigrant/coming of age epic. With a plot as twisted and compelling as a thriller, a narrative touch that is nimble enough to span generations, continents, and genders with ease, and a writing style that never ceases to surprise and delight, this is definitely one of the most unforgettable books I read this year—and I read a lot of winners this year!


  1. Livia! says:

    I looooved Middlesex! I read it when I was a teenager and the storytelling is so amazing that in my naivety I actually thought it might be an autobiography. Then I googled and found out the truth haha.

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