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Deck the Shelves! Trendsetter Friends Share Their “Best Books for Giving” of 2011.

Read on to find out why Elisabeth chose RADIOACTIVE as the best book to give...

TRUTH: 2011 has been downright superb for Publishing Trendsetter. First of all, we started this year, but we’ve also gathered an incredible circle of friends who’ve give Trendsetter whatever success it’s found, and who have given me, its Editor, invaluable words of support and kindness. You may or may not have ever read an article by them, but they’ve all added some kind of needed “content” to this blogfull of possibilities.

Needless to say, we trust them a lot, and thought to bring some of their impeccable taste to you our readers. What is the best book, we asked them, to give away this holiday season? And their diverse and passionate answers have already started rolling in. We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this with you, because, let’s get serious: I highly disrecommend (that’s right) trying to find a home for yourself in this industry unless sharing the unpredictable alchemy of a book with other people is one of the greatest joys you know.

What book do you most want to share before 2011 is nothing but a memory?

Radioactive by Lauren Redniss, the book I most want to share this Christmas >>>


Radioactive by Lauren Redniss

!t Books (HarperCollins)


This book–not surprisingly–glows with beauty. What dazzles and moves me most, though, is Redniss’ ability to give her book rhythm and silences (with words and images, with the Curies’ story and other stories) that poetry has, that music has, but very few other books have when taken as a whole. I’ve been talking about it all year, and will do so for years to come.







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