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Letters of Note Breaks Its Bloggish Bonds with Help from Unbound (and You)

I–like many of us–can admit to being a little overwhelmed and under-impressed by the torrent of books to pour from the blog-to-book-deals wave of the last few years (here’s to you, LOLcats). Blogs alone can have that effect–and then we add books to the mix?


But there are blogs I love, and a press announcement of this morning gives a great opportunity to introduce it those who do not know it to the blog itself. And, while I’m at it, its a chance to talk about a new kind of publishing platform that there was a lot of hubbub this past summer.‘s Shaun Usher is taking his wonderful, poignant, ideally and tastefully executed blog to press. Except he’s doing so via Unbound, a UK social funding and publishing platform that was launched this past spring. As very succinctly put by Unbound itself:

authors pitch their book ideas directly to their readers. Readers choose the ideas that they like on the website and pledge their support. When an idea has enough supporters, the book is written. If it doesn’t get enough support, it won’t.

If you’re not familiar with this very new approach of social publishing, this might be a nice way to introduce yourself. You can start by watching Shaun Usher’s video pitch on Unbound:

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