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Read the Show, Watch the Book

Which came first: the film or the book? A liiiittle harder to tell than usual with this new project over at Wattpad. Pam Odina, who’s in publicity over there, explained the project to us this way:

Aisling's Diary, on Wattpad

BeActive Entertainment is syndicating a novel, [Aisling’s Diary] with the accompanying web series episode each week onto the Wattpad platform – web and Android and iOS apps.

Instead of reading a novel and then waiting until a series or movie adaptation comes out, the webisode/novel hybrid will let readers/watchers experience the content simultaneously.”

Do you think readers will go for this type of thing? As I wrote the opening line of this post, I realized what a difference that answer makes to how seriously a project gets taken. A movie based on a book could very well be lauded as a great work of art. A book based on a movie? Please call me if you’ve seen one win a literary prize or even critical raves in the last few years. Strange, isn’t it? Film is generally accepted as an adaptive medium, one that can make good artistic use out of another person’s story, whereas it’s not been unheard of for The Academy to start foaming at the mouth at the possibility of a book’s being a wee bit too derivative.

Licensing is big business though, no matter what media are being crossed. But it is a business leaning ever more toward the world of Hollywood and Silicon Valley: After 28 years in NYC, capital of book publishing, the Licensing International Expo picked up and headed west in 2008–to Las Vegas to be exact. Certainly, the number of digital media to cross-license grows, seemingly, by the month.

What other new combinations of book-to-not-book have especially caught your attention lately?

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