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Renewed, Revamped: Frankfurt Slogan Undergoes Revision for 2011

Rethink. Renew. Though these words have been the slogan for the Frankfurt Book Fair for quite some time now, 2011 marks the first year they’ve earned a spot on the logo.

Trendsetter wanted to find out why, and we didn’t have to look very far. Frankfurt Director Juergen Boos attributes the logo change to a larger change occurring in the industry. Read on for an excerpt from the Frankfurt Book Fair’s official blog:

“This year we’ve placed a slogan alongside our logo, and a lot of people have asked me why. It says: Rethink. Renew. In fact, that slogan has been our leitmotif for a long time, because the Book Fair reinvents itself every year. Now, however, the process of renewal has moved up a gear, and we think that’s something that has to be stressed.

The publishing industry is going through changes – and it’s never been so vibrant. Stories, ideas, information and images are all looking for new digital formats in which to extend their impact, alongside the centuries-valid paper-based book. Not only will digitisation give rise to new presentational and processing technologies, as yet unknown to us and utterly fascinating, it will also inspire completely new forms of cooperation. As they like to say in the English-speaking world: “the container of the book has been broken open.” In fact, we’re not only seeing different formats opening up, we’re witnessing the opening up of a whole new era for publishing. Despite all the changes, however, one “eternal” constant remains: the basic human need for exciting and relevant content. It’s this need that we address with our digital initiative Frankfurt SPARKS . This is our way of building up the relationship between the creative industries of film, games and books – a vital relationship, as I’ve no doubt multimedial content will play an important part in the future of publishing…”

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