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Trendsetter’s Book-Biz Essential Reading, Week of 7/9-7/13

Aaaand…we’re back!! We hope you missed us in the two weeks we were gone for vacations and holidays and such. We also hope you stayed up-to-date with book news on your own. Or equally, that you’ve been on such a fabulous vacation the only book news in your life was in relation to the incredible headway you made through your “to-read” pile. Either way, let’s all get back in the saddle with this week’s very internationally-ebooky news round-up:

BookExpo America travels through time, makes big news, promises to save folks money.

Kobo takes over the world!! That’s old news, really, but new news is that after its Japanese launch last week, Kobo’s Touch ereader became a #1 product, and announced its Italian partnership with publisher/retailer Mondadori.

Taking a slightly different approach, the Irish book retailer Eason considered the ereader and said, “Why not make our own?”

The online women’s writing community, She Writes is trying out a rather innovative–“hybrid”–publishing model.


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