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Author Perspectives Podcast: Laura Joh Rowland

Join Lena Morris for an interview with Japanese historic fiction writer Laura Joh Rowland. The former quality engineer with Lockheed Martin at NASA discusses her transition from the scientific field to creative arts, the changing book industry with digitization, and what it’s like to write for such a specific niche. Laura’s new book, The Shogun’s Daughter, will be released this September. She is also working on her next book, number 18 in the series, The Iris Fan, which will release next year. You can visit her website at or like her on […]

Author Perspectives Podcast: Michael F. Stewart

Join Lena Morris for an interview with Michael F. Stewart, author of YA urban fantasy, graphic novels, and other titles, such as Assured Destruction. He dropped by our office during his visit to New York City for ThrillerFest. Mike discusses the advantages and challenges in self-publishing, utilizing transmedia to create a world around his stories, and how he sees the industry will change with the development of social reading technologies like Readmill or BookShout. You can follow him on Twitter @MichaelFStewart.

Author Perspectives Podcast: Megan Mulry

In our revival of the Author Perspectives Podcast, join Lena Morris for an interview with USA Today-bestselling author Megan Mulry, whose book, If the Shoe Fits, came out on July 2nd.  Megan discusses the publishing profession from the author’s point of view: from the fine lines between Romance and Women’s Fiction in the evolving world of book publishing to the way ebooks and social media have changed the author’s role. As a relatively new author, she emphasized the importance of literary agents and the joy of feeling like she had a part in the process […]

Author Perspectives Podcast: Mary Kay Andrews

Join podcast host Dana Barrett ( for a chat with New York Times-bestselling author Mary Kay Andrews (SUMMER RENTAL). In today’s podcast, Mary Kay Andrews and I talk about how the world of publicity has changed in the digital era and about the editors’ role in developing new writing talent. We also chat about the “clutter” on shelves and how to find a quality book without wasting time and money.

Author Perspectives Podcast: Mary Alice Monroe

Join podcast host Dana Barrett ( for a chat with New York Times-bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe (THE BUTTERFLY’S DAUGHTER). In today’s episode of the podcast, Mary Alice Monroe and I talk about the independent bookstore’s perspective, how authors can get noticed in an ever changing digital climate, and the author’s and publicists roles in getting the word out.  We also talk about the value of the regional markets.

Author Perspectives Podcast: Justin Cronin, Part II

Join podcast host Dana Barrett ( for Part II of her interview with New York Times-bestselling author Justin Cronin (The Passage). In today’s episode of the Podcast, Justin and I talk about the need for editors to edit – no matter what form a book is being delivered in, and no matter how famous the author.  We also talk about eReaders and the digital market along with the self-publishing/author direct models that are looming.

Author Perspectives Podcast: Justin Cronin, Part I

Welcome to the debut of the Publishing Trendsetters Podcast where host Dana Barrett ( asks authors what they REALLY think about our rapidly changing business. Let’s face it, without authors, we’d all be out of work. We’re in this industry because we love books: we love a good story, we love to read, and we love being a part of creating beautiful books and getting them into the hands of readers. So what do authors think of all the changes going on in our business? What are they worried about? […]