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Tips from veterans and newcomers.

Tackling #GIRLBOSS: A Trendsetter Roundtable

#GIRLBOSS by entrepreneur and businesswoman Sophia Amoruso has shaken up the genre of business books in more ways than one. It’s being described as Lean In for young women, and Amoruso is definitely not your typical business woman. In the book, she confesses to thieving, hating school, and how she used Myspace to build her original fanbase. In a book that’s part how-to and part memoir, Amoruso outlined the rise of her clothing company, Nasty Gal. Editors Kimberly and Samantha sat down to talk about what takeaways Trendsetters could take away […]

Life in Christian Publishing

Where I come from, everyone recognizes the big names in Christian publishing. By the age of eleven, I could differentiate between companies based on the logos that filled my church library, and by seventeen, I knew which of those logos I wanted on my future business card. I have a stack of those business cards now, that familiar logo embossed proudly next to my name. While I’m no longer starstruck by my childish perception of my company, I do have the opportunity to work on content in which I deeply […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Alana Heiss, Partnerships and Content at Oyster

Alana Heiss works on Partnerships & Content at Oyster in New York. After studying literature and philosophy at NYU, she oversaw sales and marketing into Europe for HarperCollins, then moved on to Taschen to manage sales across the east coast of the US. She’s been at Oyster since the app launched in September 2013.  Editor’s note: This interview was conducted via Derris, the PR company Oyster employs for their public relations. ***** What was your first exposure to the book business and what were the most important things you gained […]

Small Press, Not Small Time: A Look at Young People in Small, Indie Publishers

Both Graywolf Press and Little, Brown published books that received Pulitzer Prizes this year. Little, Brown posted a photo of their staff celebration: a seemingly endless sea of glasses of red wine. While there wasn’t any photographic evidence, I imagine Graywolf celebrated similarly. Though, if there had been a photo, there would have only been 12 glasses of wine. Small presses are just that, small. While the likes of Penguin Random House or HarperCollins can claim thousands of employees and the title of one of the “Big” Five, small presses […]

A Publishing Career by the Books: Reading My Mistake, Hothouse, and Lord of Publishing

All too often I read articles proclaiming “the death of the novel,” “the death of the book,” or other such dread-inducing pronouncements. But everything that dies was once alive, and given the tremendous (and unsuccessful) effort to declare books dead, they must currently be wide-eyed, scratching out holes in their coffins, wriggling up through the still-loose dirt. I’ve seen that the undertakers and gravediggers are often those who remain rooted in the pre-digital past. I recently read three books by or about established publishing veterans, at the summits of their […]

Rise to the Top: Quotable Wisdom from Successful Women in Publishing

One of my favorite panels at Book Expo America this year was put on by the Women’s Media Group called “New Success Tracks for Women, Publishing Careers in a Time of Change.” It hosted 4 female industry heavyweights and asked them questions about rising to the top. The panelists were Jane Friedman, CEO and Co-Founder, Open Road Integrated Media; Janet Goldstein, SVP, Editorial Director, National Geographic Books; Libby McGuire, SVP, Publisher, Ballantine, Bantam, Dell; and Tina Weiner, Director, Yale Publishing Course, moderated by Jane von Mehren, Literary Agent, Zachary Shuster Harmsworth.  Unsurprisingly, these […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Amanda Bullock, Director of Public Programming at Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe

Amanda Bullock is the Director of Public Programming at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in downtown New York City, where she organizes over 200 literary events a year and manages all of the bookstore’s social media. She is the co-creator and co-organizer of the Moby-Dick Marathon NYC (returning in November 2014) and the co-organizer of the Downtown Literary Festival.   ***** What was your first exposure to book business and what were the most important things you gained from it? I moved to New York City in 2006 with a dream of working in book publishing and landed a job […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Halimah Marcus, Co-editor of Electric Literature

Halimah Marcus is the Co-Editor of Electric Literature, a digital publisher based out of Brooklyn, New York, and its weekly fiction magazine, Recommended Reading. In addition to her editorial work, Halimah is also an author. Her writing has appeared in One Story, Philadelphia Noir, Sports Illustrated, and elsewhere. She has a Masters in Fine Art in Fiction from Brooklyn College. ***** What was your first exposure to book business and what were the most important things you gained from it? My first “job” in publishing was interning at Electric Literature, where I am now editor, though I suppose my […]

Brand New You: An Interview with Jane Friedman

Having worked as Managing Editor of Writer’s Digest, Consultant for authors, and Co-founder and Editor of Scratch Magazine, Jane Friedman (this Jane Friedman, not that Jane Friedman) is viewed as an advocate and go-to source for writers looking to build a platform. Much of her work is dedicated to giving writers the tools they need to thrive, be it through best writing practices, personal branding, or bringing transparency to what writers are being paid for their work. Being as skilled as she is at helping writers cash in on their skills, we wanted […]

Advice from Book Entrepreneurs Under 30

Earlier, we posted an article featuring four book entrepreneurs and their thoughts on how to succeed in the publishing industry despite being under the age of 30. In case you still need a little encouragement before you pitch your big idea to the world, here’s some bonus advice straight from the mouths of our three entrepreneurs themselves. Adam Gomolin: “Think really hard about the idea. Really do your research. Take apart your machine and put it back together in order to really understand it. Be diligent. Say thank you a […]