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5E: Five Editors, Five Perspectives, Freelance Editors Band Together

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One creative solution to being lost in the sea of freelancers–what’s yours?

When thinking about a professional future in publishing, the question of freelancing is bound to come up–especially for editors and especially in the increasingly “outsourced” climate we live in. Last week, one publishing veteran, Jeremy Soldevilla had some great ideas for the ways that freelancing can contribute to building a career. But what if you’re a few years in? Is being a freelance editor, publicist, or marketer as rewarding, challenging, lucrative or–to use a very technical term–“real” as working in house?

I was really impressed by the 5E┬ánewsletter that landed in my inbox a few weeks ago for several reasons. Firstly, delivering pithy info on different areas of editing business and trends allows each of these freelance editors to show off her own expertise and “connectedness” to the wider world of book business quite nicely. It’s some pretty easily achieved gravitas, I’d say.

But perhaps even more importantly, banding together as colleagues affords these editors definition and visibility that even they as well-respected and established professionals need to fight for, “unmoored” from a house as they are. What’s more, by juxtaposing their different perspectives, each seems to shine more brightly in her corner of the freelance firmament.

Take a look at the newsletter and see what you think. Are you a young freelancer? What are some of the most important things you do to stay visible to the authors and publishers you work with? Or maybe you work in-house and team with freelance colleagues. What are some of the things that you’ve learned from them about the diverse shapes a publishing career can take? Would you consider going freelance yourself–and not just while looking for another job in house? Why or why not?

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