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Third Annual The Best of the End of the Year “Best of” Lists of 2015

Don’t worry, lists remained popular in 2015, and I’m willing to bet they’re not going anywhere in 2016 either. This was my third time compiling the best of the bookish best of lists. And each year I’ve done this, I’ve loudly commented to my coworker that there are too many lists this year, and I’m never going to be able to choose between them all. But the reality is, most of you reading this site, you’re book people, and you already know what a lot of the picks will be for this year’s best books are. So here’s a list of some of the year’s bests that hopefully include some new-to-you titles  along with some things that you just knew would be on that list.

Trendsetter2015 word cloud

Best list of words used most frequently on our website.

Best not-so-short list of long reads.

Best list of the year’s top notch translations.

Best list of book cover eye candy.

Best list of books we’re excited to see hit the big screen in 2016.

Best round-up of indie press titles from 2015.

Best list of bookseller favorites from this year.

Best list of excellent short story collections.

Best tongue-in-cheek round-up of what you didn’t read this year.

Best list of what some of 2015’s most buzzed-about authors loved reading.

Best list of books about music.

Best list of books you may have missed but should definitely check out.

And now for a few perennial best best-of lists:

Best way to see what literary movers and shakers read and loved this year.

Best collection of every literary best of list.

Best and most beautiful guide to the year’s best books.

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