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Rise to the Top: Quotable Wisdom from Successful Women in Publishing

One of my favorite panels at Book Expo America this year was put on by the Women’s Media Group called “New Success Tracks for Women, Publishing Careers in a Time of Change.” It hosted 4 female industry heavyweights and asked them questions about rising to the top. The panelists were Jane Friedman, CEO and Co-Founder, Open Road Integrated Media; Janet Goldstein, SVP, Editorial Director, National Geographic Books; Libby McGuire, SVP, Publisher, Ballantine, Bantam, Dell; and Tina Weiner, Director, Yale Publishing Course, moderated by Jane von Mehren, Literary Agent, Zachary Shuster Harmsworth.  Unsurprisingly, these women had some wonderful advice for Trendsetters who are getting their footing in the field, whether they’re just starting out, mid-career, male, or female.

Jane von Mehren, Libby McGuire, Tina Weiner, Jane Friedman, Janet Goldstein

Jane von Mehren, Libby McGuire, Tina Weiner, Jane Friedman, Janet Goldstein

  • “Branding is having a point of view about your work. Having real expertise and ownership of your work allowed me to be innovative in my own work.” – Janet Goldstein on personal branding
  • “It’s about looking around and seeing what you could learn from those around you.”-  Libby McGuire on finding a mentor
  • “We all make mistakes. You have to own it and move on.” – Jane Friedman on making mistakes at work
  • “I wish I’d revealed myself earlier in my career…I wish I’d met some of my mentors on a personal level…There were great women outside of the office to talk about life with, I wish I’d had that sooner.” – Janet Goldstein on mentorship within her own office
  • “I appreciate when people ask questions because I know they care.” – Tina Weiner on those entering the field
  • “Be flexible! Things are going to change rapidly. The changes aren’t just about technology.” – Tina Weiner on remaining agile in publishing
  • “Set yourself up to be called back. Be visible; act like you’re already in the industry.” – Janet Goldstein on having a successful job search
  • “Everyone wanted to be in editorial…but it’s not just editors who affect the creative process.” – Tina Weiner on young people finding their way in publishing
  • “Do you want to keep doing the work you do? Or do you want to manage and lead?…That’s a critical moment in everyone’s career.”-  Libby McGuire on figuring out how to climb the publishing ladder

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