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The Beginner’s Guide to Comics Publishers

The Big 5 publishing houses are probably familiar to a newcomer to the industry, but they don’t publish everything: for comics and graphic novels, there’s a whole other set of heavyweights. Whether or not you’re a genre fan, it’s important to get to know these players.

This edition of the Beginner’s Guide to Publishers Beyond the Big 5 is a list of the top earners in the comics market, plus a few other houses might be less familiar to you. Marvel and DC are very recognizable names, with a combined 70% share of the market last year. The other publishers we’ve listed account for most of the other 30% and represent a wide variety of subjects, styles, and philosophies.

We hope you find our key facts helpful and utilize the website and Twitter accounts listed to learn more about the companies you find interesting.

(You can also see our previous guides to children’s publishers here, and adult fiction publishers here.)

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Click here to download a PDF of the full guide to comics publishers.

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