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A Beginner’s Guide to Industry Newsletters

When you’re trying to break into publishing or first starting out, there’s a lot to learn and a lot of places to learn it from.  Below is a list of  industry newsletters that we think are helpful to subscribe to and hope you do too.

1. Publishers LunchPublishers Lunch comes from the same people who bring us Publishers Marketplace.  The newsletters from this site will include the most recent deals posted on Marketplace, a job board, job moves, and “Today’s Lunch,” which is usually a good source of industry news gathered and written by its employees. It is published daily, “except when not,” according to its header.

2. PW Daily Publishers Weekly is a printed publishing news magazine.  If you’re too impatient to wait for a subscription to arrive in the mail (and let’s face it, we all are), subscribing to the daily newsletter will get you your updates quickly.  Some of its recurring newsletter sections include a job board, industry job moves, a roundup of articles from others, as well as links to its own articles.

3. Publishing Business Today – Sent out by Publishing Executive, this daily newsletter provides readers with book industry news and press release roundups.  The email also includes magazine publishing news, but happily for us, divides the two industries well so you don’t end up reading anything about magazines publishing unless you want to!

4. DBW DailyDigital Book World is a news site that sends out a daily newsletter with links to DBW’s new feature articles and hard news for the publishing world.  It’s a good source for hard news of what’s going on with technology in publishing. Personally, I have fun disagreeing with some of the opinion pieces.

5. YPG Newsletter – The Young to Publishing Group sends out a monthly newsletter about upcoming group events in the NYC area.  YPG is a solid way to meet new people who are also starting out in publishing.  Even if you don’t join or attend, the newsletters will let you know what young people in the industry are talking about.

6. GalleyCat –GalleyCat is a daily newsletter from the media news website Mediabistro.  It offers links and the first paragraph of articles from its own website as well as a job board made up of posts from the parent site.  Pro-tip: it advertises as “the first word on the book publishing industry,” but Publishers Lunch often wins that race.

7. Shelf Awareness – Shelf Awareness is a news site that sends daily newsletters.  When subscribing, be sure to choose the newsletter for book trade professionals instead of the one for readers. These newsletters have a few sections, but the most important to you are probably the news and job board ones.  It also provides more coverage on booksellers than any of the other letters.  One of the nice things about Shelf Awareness is that it posts the entire article in the newsletter, so no annoying click-bait or multiple tabs. However, Shelf Awareness is better for newcomers as its focus is more for readers.

8. Publishing Perspectives – The news site Publishing Perspectives sends a daily email that will give you a rundown of the news and opinions written by their own writers. It is a project by the Frankfurt Book Fair and aims to spread international publishing news.   The news is slower here, but the opinion pieces can be interesting to read.

9. USR Monthly – The US Review of Books publication will send you a monthly newsletter about which books its writers reviewed that month and which ones they recommend reading.  This is an easy source for new titles to add to your to-read list and can help you stay in-the-know about what books are making people talk.

10. Publishing Trends – Last, but certainly not least, is our very own host site.  Although aimed toward higher-level publishing professionals, Publishing Trends is another good source for news and trends updates.  Subscriptions will get you an email alert whenever there’s a new post.  Our recurring posts include weekly 5 links posts full of opinion pieces and data (unlike the news-oriented 5 links posts you find here on Trendsetter), a monthly international bestsellers article, and a bi-monthly people round-up.  It will also have the occasional feature article of an industry insight of a trend.

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