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The Beginner’s Guide to Publishers Beyond the Big 5: Children’s Publishers You Might Not Know

Often in publishing, those who are new to the industry are only familiar with the Big 5 publishing houses. It’s important to get to know the medium- and smaller-sized houses as well, especially if you’re looking for your first job in the industry.

This edition of the Beginner’s Guide to Publishers Beyond the Big 5 is a list of a few children’s publishers in the US that might be less familiar to you. You can also see our previous guide to adult fiction publishers here.

The publisher/owner is either the parent company or parent publishing house. The imprints listed are only the children’s imprints within that parent company. Where “N/A” is listed, the company has no imprints aside from the one listed as the publisher.

We hope you find our key facts helpful and utilize the website and Twitter accounts listed to learn more about the companies you find interesting.

beginners guide to childrens publishers

Click here to download a PDF of the full guide to Children’s Publishers You Might Not Know.

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