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Design Candy: 20th Century Polish Books

We’re thrilled to welcome Siobhan Gallagher‘s eye for design to Trendsetter. Here’s what she’s cooked up for us this month:

I’m really excited to be able to contribute to Design Candy, and I’m starting it off by sharing one of my favorite design categories: Polish book covers. I recently got into Polish poster and book design after seeing an exhibition on The Brothers Quay at MoMA last summer that featured some Polish Surrealism, which I’d never seen before. It opened my eyes to the kind of graphic design that’s been produced in Europe and got me excited to see what other Polish artists have designed. I collected a few Polish cover designs for this roundup that I think exemplify what is so great about 20th century Polish design. From a North American perspective, they are so different from what we typically see on bookshelves and have a playful humor and crudeness that are rare these days.

*to learn more about what’s happening in contemporary Polish book business, be sure to check out the Polish Cultural Institute.


Siobhan Gallagher

Siobhan Gallagher

Siobhan Gallagher is a Canadian freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She is a former Penguin design intern and current cheese enthusiast with an eye for colour, an obsession with book design, and a fondness for the Oxford comma. She studied design at NSCAD University in Halifax and University of the Arts in Philadelphia and has had the privilege to do design work for Penguin Group, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, McDonald’s, and Word on the Street.

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