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Design Candy: Celebrity Bookshelves

Warning: this article may result in extreme jealousy.
Hover your cursor over the images to read about Siobhan’s picks for trendsetting home libraries of the rich and famous.

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  1. Vic50 says:

    I’m disappointed in the lifecycle of a book. The design is far too limited.
    The most important function of a book is to be read.
    This lifecycle doesn’t include the reader or the act of the book being read.
    The limited life cycle of a book doesn’t mention libraries where books are keep for anyone to read nor does it mention school use of books. The love of learning is a vital connection to books.
    As I said, this “life cycle of books shows a book in development, or before the time of being owned or shared to fulfill it’s life purpose. This should be called the life cycle of a book embryo.. The book lifestyle starts with the reader opening the book cover and starting to read.

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