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Design Candy: Dingbats

There’s nothing more exciting to me than a vintage find, and “discovering” Champion Linen’s Dingbats in my office is no exception.  I got a rush of glee from opening the album-sized slipcase and unveiling the linen paper inserts of geegaws, flourishes and ornaments – each page more interesting than the next.  The tiny engraved images are culled from old Dover catalogs and designed in a most appealing way by Paula Scher.

Dingbats are typographical ornaments that have been used throughout the history of printing to break space and decorate the page, and transitioned to digital use as fonts with symbols in place of the keyboard’s alphabetic characters.  Now, you can find almost any dingbat under the sun as a font – or even make your own!

I can’t wait to stick these dingbats all over my novel interior designs. Actually, can someone please make these into stickers so I can put these on everything? Thanks.

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  1. Dingbats Dingbats and more dingbats… could work for interior design but maybe not? lol

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