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Let’s Get Digital: Notes from Digital Minds 2014

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By Lorraine Shanley

Digital Minds, the conference that kicks off the London Book Fair, took place at the QEII Centre on April 7 with a large audience on hand and some lively speakers to inform and entertain them.  Authors Anthony Horowitz and Richard Wiseman talked about their respective approach to writing, publishing, and their audience, with the latter touting his YouTube successes.

A marketing panel brought together several publishers, including Penguin‘s Charlotte Richards and Open Road‘s Rachel Chou, who shared useful insights into strategies and analytics. Chou talked about analyzing  consumers’ clickpaths and providing follow-ups to both authors and retailers on what works.  Richards also mentioned feedback, both to authors as well as employees, on trends, successes, and data. Her clever presentation used classic Penguin cover art to illustrate her points.

The children’s panel focused more on how children interact with digital, rather than what content they ingest.  Storythings’ Matt Locke talked of how teens’ behavior has not changed as much in the social context, which jeopardizes their privacy.  Echoing Locke, BBC‘s Joe Godwin talked about how mobile devices are to children today what cars were to earlier generations–they provide a sense of control and autonomy. Read More »

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