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Fifth Annual Best of the Best of 2017 Lists

It’s the end of the year, and the internet is ablaze with opinions. Many of them are bad, but the ones about books are good. Here at Trendsetter, we have a tradition of compiling these hot, and not-so-hot, takes into our own annual retrospective. So let’s take a look at the year that was the best way we know how: by tallying up all the reading we have left to do.

Best list of words most often used on our homepage.

Best list of books by black authors.

Best list of books by Latinx authors.

Best list of books you can judge by their covers.

Best list of best epigraphs.

Best list of books to buy (for yourself or others) for Christmas.

Best list of long reads from Longreads.

Best list of books about music from a website that knows about music.

Best list to use for constructing your Tournament of Books bracket.

Best list of publishing trends to include both unicorns and serial killers.

Best list of debuts, in case you need motivation to finish your novel.

And the perennials:

Best list of what your faves read and loved.

Best ruthlessly comprehensive guide to this year’s top reads.

Best list of best-of lists.

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