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Fourth Annual Best of the Best of 2016 Lists

As soon as December 1 hits, and in a few cases even earlier (I’m looking at you, Publishers Weekly), the internet is filled with lots of hot, cold, and lukewarm takes of what was the best of the year. It’s tradition by now, and we here at Trendsetter both like to keep with tradition ourselves and acknowledge that the best kind of best of lists are the ones that have to do with books. So, without further ado, let’s begin with what some of the best (as very scientifically determined by your editor) best-of lists about books and reading for 2016.


Best list of words most often used on our homepage.

Best list to find out one favorite read from some of this year’s buzziest authors

Best list to consult if you want to be prepared for this year’s “was the book or the filmed version better?” debates.

Best list of in-depth looks at the year’s most stunning science books

Best list to share with someone wondering why this was such a great year for comics.

Best list to scan when you need to grab a last minute gift for a book-lover.

Best list to make you feel like you didn’t read enough new books this year

Best list to peruse if you want to admire some beautiful book covers

Best list of 2016 literary TED Talks for those moments when you can’t be reading

Best list of titles to keep you organized and prepared for the next four years

And now for a few perennial favorite best of lists

Best list to see what every literary person you admire loved reading this year

Best list to go from a wide view of the year’s best books to the very niche category of long, geeky, NPR staff picks.

And as ever, last but not least, the motherlode of the year’s bookish best of lists

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