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Internview: “Before” with Moè Nakayama

We’re thrilled to welcome Moè Nakayama as this season’s Publishing Trendsetter and Market Partners International intern. In continuing our tradition of interviewing our intern in the first couple of weeks of the internship, we hope to provide some insight from an upcoming book professional on what they would like to learn to aid their future success in the publishing industry. Read more about Moè on the About page, and keep an eye out for her contributions over the next few months.

Trendsetter: What aspects of Publishing Trends and MPI interest you most as you enter the internship?

Moè: MPI combines the expertise of seasoned veterans with the dynamism of young professionals in the industry. As someone who’s just getting started in publishing, I’d love to learn from both and from the conversation happening between them.

So much of the material on Publishing Trends and Publishing Trendsetter are new and helpful to me. In particular, I really appreciate the weekly Top 5 News Articles feature— it’s given me some new vocab already, as well as a few bookmarks!

T: What “skill-sets” or areas of your knowledge would you most like to broaden with this internship?

M: This internship promises to provide a “macro” view of the business, and that’s exactly what I’d like to gain in my time here. My experience in publishing so far has been limited to editorial, so I feel like I need a better understanding of how publishing as a whole operates— as a process, as a business, as an industry… One example of something I’d like to learn more about is digital publishing. I think knowing about— if not the answers to, then the vocabulary for discussing— these issues will be important as I go on to (hopefully) contribute to the world of publishing.

I also want to expand on my writing skills. Since graduating college, I’ve become increasingly aware of how different non-academic writing is from academic writing. I’d like to train in writing concisely for a general audience— writing that informs as well as intrigues.

T: What kind of value do you think might be unique to a non-traditional book-business internship?

M: Breadth of insight. That’s not to say an internship at a publisher or an agency can’t provide a broad experience— not at all! But if you’re in editorial, for example, any insight you get into sales or production will most likely be indirect. A non-traditional book-business internship like this one allows you to open up your focus to the “bigger picture” and to get to know a variety of players and practices in the industry from a neutral standpoint. It’ll give me an awareness of the whole landscape— and that could help me figure out where my niche could be in publishing.

T: What makes you so drawn to publishing as a field?

M: Well, like most people interested in publishing, I’ve always loved reading, writing, books, and words. So that’s the obvious answer… But I guess the more interesting and honest answer is that, to me, publishing feels like a very inclusive industry. You’re not tied to one topic of expertise; you can keep learning about new ideas. I find that “roominess” comforting and exciting.

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