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Internviews: The End of the Road for Liz Janetschek

Bye, Trendsetter!


Liz, our fantastic fall intern, bid us farewell last week. Like all our interns, we know she’s bound for great things. But before riding off into that promising professional sunset, we asked her to reflect a bit on what she’s gained (or uncovered) in the course of a not-quite-traditional publishing internship. Here’s what she had to say:



What specific tasks or projects completed across the semester do you feel were most valuable to your professional development?

Writing online articles and managing our blog helped me professionally so much. I was, of course, familiar with generating a lot of written content–I am an English major, after all! But learning how to manage deadlines and content other than my own showed me what it takes to run a successful digital publication–something that I’m sure can only come in handy, given the tech-friendly direction the industry is headed. I also tend towards book reviews and author interviews when catching up on publishing-geared reading, not tech or industry-driven pieces. The articles I worked on, such as a legal history of booksellers and technological advances at the Frankfurt Book Fair, allowed me to see another side of publishing I may not have actively sought out on my own.

What parts of the internship surprised you? And why?

How many things I got to do! Seriously, as much as I loved my previous internship, I had one major task to tackle there–the slush pile. I was rarely bored here because I had not just an article to manage, but our social media presence, a research project, reading someone else’s article, etc. I was exposed to many different tasks, which I feel readied me for more a real-world job setting.

How can you see your mark on Publishing Trendsetter now that you reflect upon it?

I’m proud of the new batch of bloggers acquired over these last few months who I established contact with–we’ve gotten a bunch of fresh new voices that contribute amazing content! The newly updated lexicon, which I completed with full definitions, is a tool I can see myself and many young professionals using as they get acclimated to the business. I am also proud of my Profiles in Publishing feature, which lets young people in publishing who may be a bit frazzled reflect upon what makes this such an interesting and fun industry in the first place. Lastly, I am proud of my contributions to our website as well as our social media accounts–I feel my articles, as well as my social media presence, were both engaging and fun!

Did Trendsetter change your understanding of publishing? How?

I think there’s a big difference between peeking out at the publishing industry from the little corner of an independent press versus looking at the industry from a more macro perspective. I see it less as a behemoth to be conquered–which is sometimes how you feel as a tiny underdog-esque publisher–and understand more now how all companies within it work and what exactly they bring to the table. I also understand it as more of a business now, as opposed to a vague umbrella verb describing how books get made.

What projects or goals will you embark on next?

Finishing up my senior year at Hofstra, and hopefully tucking one more book-focused internship into my preprofessional belt before I graduate!

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