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Internviews: Sarah Boyle, Spring 2012 Intern, Tells All

Sarah Boyle, Spring Intern Extraordinaire

It was with some wistfulness that we bid our Spring 2012 intern, Sarah Boyle, a fond farewell last week. Now that she’s completed her time with us, she’s Canada-bound and ready to find her first job in publishing. Sarah’s insightfulness, social media savvy, and perennial good cheer were all sorts of wonderful to have around here, and we can only wish the best for her and the future corner of book-business lucky enough to snag her!


What specific tasks or projects completed across the summer do you feel were most valuable to your professional development?

The articles I worked on for Trendsetter not only helped me learn about the publishing industry, but also gave me a sense of how to write concisely (and hopefully interestingly) while being clear and informative at the same time. I also learned tricks about performing online research (#1 is: if you’re looking for information on a company, make sure the website you’re looking at is for the right country!), Nielsen BookScan, and InDesign.


What parts of the internship surprised you? And why?

I was often able to use my knowledge of social networking platforms to help connect people with Publishing Trendsetter and Publishing Trends. I really enjoyed being able to use Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to grab people’s attention quickly and direct them towards something I knew they would find useful.


How can you see your mark on the project of Publishing Trendsetter now that you’ve been here for several months?

I feel like I was able to contribute to Publishing Trendsetter in a way that reflected my personality, but that also fit with the overall atmosphere of Publishing Trendsetter. I hope the “Five Links Fridays” feature can continue because that’s a helpful section for anyone who’s having a busy week. The Agency Model article I wrote is also something I’m proud of, since I think it’s pretty easily accessible. Finally, I had a great deal of fun setting up Publishing Trends’ Pinterest and I hope readers will be able to use that resource to get a good overview of the companies important to the publishing industry.


Did Trendsetter/MPI/Publishing Trends change your understanding of publishing? How?

Absolutely. I learned much about things like the agency model, digital rights management, and the transition to ebooks. Because I was involved in so many projects that required knowing what imprint belong to what publishing house, I now feel like I have a much better understanding of how imprints function for publishing houses (in addition to knowing at least a little more about which imprints belong to which houses). I also have a much better understanding of the amount of work that goes into making and marketing each book. “Lifecycle of a Book” and “Book Jobs Not By the Book” have me well on my way to understanding that the book business requires a lot more than just writing and editing, even if those aspects are still the ones I’m most interested in.


What projects or goals will you embark on next?

I’m headed to Canada after this where I would love to work in publishing.

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