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Lifecycle of a Book: Nina Lassam, Marketing

It’s not just all about big cameras and bright lights–even in the cutting-edge corner of the publishing world that Wattpad occupies. Nina Lassam, who’s in Marketing at Wattpad, has some great explanations for why book marketing matters and what makes it tick.


  1. This flow chart is very interesting in so far as it addresses the “traditional” model of publishing. We would be interested in your perspective from the “Non-traditional” model. We’ve done some prior research on this:

    • I really enjoyed looking at the detailed flowchart on The Write Agenda website, along with all the detailed explanations of the relationship between author and book-making process. We were glad to have a few young professionals from more non-traditional companies participate in this project, and also realized that more and more, the divide between “traditional” and “non-traditional” publishing is not a binary, but a continuum, with more gradients added every week, it seems. This, would be, of course, in divergence from Yog’s Law (which the flowchart is very helpful in explaining) as it seems a bit more of a binary–but if publishing is like anything else, we can use as models as we can get. All the better to access as many sides of the tricky, changing issue as possible…

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