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Introducing Partners’ Corner

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As a new monthly feature, we will be posting “Partners’ Corner,” a place where the principals of Market Partners International can share their observations of the publishing industry for the month.


We’ve been doing a lot of searches at MPI this year, and having read more resumes and met more publishing people than most of you might meet in a whole career, we’ve been noticing something new: In the good old days, most trade publishing people stayed in the department where they started so their career advanced upward, but rarely could you make a switch from sales to editorial or rights to marketing. But those barriers seem to have fallen somewhat and a recent look at current resumes reveals some surprising career tracks.

Market partners logoTake, for instance, these real examples: From Promotions Coordinator to Senior Editor at a Teen Magazine to senior roles in the Publicity Department; From Editor to Associate Publisher to Editorial Director of Digital Publishing to Publishing Director at an internet start-up; from Editor to Agent to VP of Business Development to Publisher; from Foreign Rights to Domestic Rights to National Accounts Manager to Director of Sales to Director of Client Services; from Editor to Licensing Manager to Packager to Editorial Director. Read More »

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