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The Nuances of Applying by Email: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 2

Some job listings (thought not all) are very specific about how they want their applications formatted. They may want a SUBJECT LINE IN ALL CAPS, or both resume and cover letter in the body of an email (this is really hard to do… just make sure it looks clean). But here are some general things to consider when polishing up your application email before hitting send:

  • Remember: It’s standard form to put your cover letter in the body of an email, and send your resume as an attachment. Unlike sending a paper cover letter (who really does that anymore though…?), the date and the company’s address go at the top, and your contact info goes after your signature. Refer to last week’s article and diagram on cover letters for more formatting info.
  • Unless stated otherwise, make your subject line simple. “HarperCollins | Editorial Assistant Application” looks nice and professional (that “|” line character is below the delete button)–it includes the company’s name, the position your applying for, and the clarification that you’re sending an application.
  • Send from a professional looking email address. “[email protected]” doesn’t exactly scream “hire me”. If you still have access to a university email address that is simple and clean, and you’re applying for your first job out of school, it may be most professional to send your application from that address. Otherwise, make a Gmail account that is a simple combination of your first and last name, sans numbers if possible. And make sure that your email settings display your first and last name next to any emails you send, as opposed to just your username.
  • Clearly title your resume attachment, and make sure to include your name. ust think: a hiring manager may be downloading hundreds of resume attachments onto his/her desktop. So simply saving your document as “Resume” isn’t going to set you apart. I would suggesting “FirstNameLastName_CompanyName_Resume.docx”.
Once again, remember that there’s plenty of e-formatting help in last week’s Resume and Cover Letter infographics.

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