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Partners’ Corner December 2013

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Partners’ Corner is a place where the principals of Market Partners International can share their observations of the publishing industry for the month.

For the past few months, we’ve been planning  for DBW’s  Launch Kids conference (presented by Publishers Launch on January 13, 2014 at The Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers), which we’ve helped organize since its inception. Now in its third year, we’ve learned a lot from past iterations, finding some truly standout speakers and touching on important issues in topics like licensing, marketing and creating original intellectual property. Every year, we are met with the inevitable changes in the industry: startups that we host one year have completely changed direction by the next, or past speakers have since moved positions/companies – sometimes industries. Still, we always are looking to find what the big issues are in the children’s publishing market and to draw out connections, if not solutions, that will be helpful to publishers.

Our goal with this upcoming conference from the start was to expand our focus to find the latest trends in the children’s market. What can publishers learn from other types of media? What can trade publishers learn from the educational market? What can US publishers learn from international markets?  Are we ready for mobile?  Is social media really a panacea for disappearing retail promotion? Read More »

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