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Author Perspectives Podcast: Justin Cronin, Part I

Welcome to the debut of the Publishing Trendsetters Podcast where host Dana Barrett ( asks authors what they REALLY think about our rapidly changing business.

Let’s face it, without authors, we’d all be out of work. We’re in this industry because we love books: we love a good story, we love to read, and we love being a part of creating beautiful books and getting them into the hands of readers. So what do authors think of all the changes going on in our business? What are they worried about? How can we support them better so they can continue to focus on what they do best? We’re going to ask those questions and more in our new podcast.

I sat down with New York Times Bestselling author Justin Cronin (The Passage) last week and asked what he thought about the industry. In Part 1 of the interview we talked about his run in with Twitter, and I asked him what about the most helpful thing a publishing professional has done for him. We also talked about the all the changes in the industry and how he thinks they will affect writers.

Next time: In part 2 of the interview, Justin delves into the editorial process, eReaders and we both dish on self-publishing!

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  1. M.E. Anders says:

    Did I hear the word “podcast”? Yay – I am definitely a fan of podcasts, especially those with an author/writer/editor/publisher focus. Thanks for the interview!

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