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Profiles in Publishing: Henry Holt


Name: Henry Holt

Birthdate/Place: January 3rd, 1840, Baltimore, Maryland

Publisher Associated With: Henry Holt and Company

Claim to Fame: Holt graduated from Yale before entering Columbia Law School. He entered the publishing business with the late G. P. Putnam in 1863, another important figure in publishing and later a major figure behind the Penguin Group.  In 1866, Holt joined Frederick Leypoldt’s publishing company, the founder of publications like Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal. It later became Henry Holt and Company in 1873 when Leypoldt decided to devote himself to bibliographical work. Henry Holt and Company is now one of the oldest publishers in the United States, and is now a Macmillan publisher.

His “mysterious” side: Holt once published two popular philosophical novels, Calmire and Stumsee, anonymously through Macmillan. The New York Times called it a “great literary mystery,” though his authorship was revealed when the books were republished under his name a few years later.


  1. Trent says:

    I don’t believe Mr. Leypoldt was alive in 1973–perhaps that is a typo for 1873?

  2. Liz Janetschek says:

    Yay profiles are back! They’re my favorite.

  3. Michael Tymn says:

    If you were to ask Henry Holt for his most valuable contriubtion to publishing, I am sure he would have said “On the Cosmic Relations,” which he wrote and published in 1915.

  4. Luz Durón Leiva says:

    Is Elena Leiva Barberi a member of the family of Mr. Henry Holt? Thank you.

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