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Icelandic Imagery on Display at Frankfurt

“Questions on the state of a nation—whether in technology, politics, sociology, environment, ethnology or history—are more clearly stated in the work of visual artists, musicians, architects, designers and writers, in theater and film, than in the news reports of newspaper and periodicals.” – Fabulous Iceland

Iceland is experiencing a time of revolution: artistically and socially, technologically and ideologically. It is said that art mirrors its society, and Iceland’s extensive Frankfurt exhibition will showcase the little island’s vast history and sublime beauty in numerous photography, film, music, dance, design, and architecture displays throughout the fair’s five days. Continuing on with our coverage of the Frankfurt, we decided it would be interesting to include some of the images Iceland will present as Guest of Honor.








Gabríela Friðriksdóttir

Another highlight is the exhibition “Crepusculum,” by break-out artist Gabríela Friðriksdóttir, which combines medieval manuscripts with mysterious visions into obscured regions of consciousness. The works embody motifs from both Norse sagas and popular culture, and thus, past and present.

In addition to established Icelandic artists, local students Rebecca Degott and Sophia Preußner will display their award-winning works at the Book Fair.

For a closer look at which artists will display at Frankfurt, visit the Fabulous Iceland website.


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