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Second Annual The Best of the End of the Year “Best of” Lists of 2014

As soon as December 1st rolls around, “best of the year” lists start flooding the internet. And just like you, our favorite best of lists are the ones about books, bookstores, next year’s books, book trends, and well, anything about books and reading. For the second year in a row, we’ve compiled what we think are the best best of lists for 2014. You’ll recognize a few of the best of series from last year’s post, but they’re new for this year. Kick back, relax, and prepare yourself for the best bookish lists of the year.

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Best list to help you visually shop for the year’s best books.

Best list to show you just how tough of a customer we can all be.

Best list to prove that 2014 was the year of strong starts.

Best list to prove that sometimes it’s just fine to judge a book by its cover.

Best list to show the biggest trends in fiction this year.

Best list to demonstrate that some of the most fun publishing projects don’t come about traditionally.

Best list that gives independent and poetry publishers some love.

Best interactive list to show that even picking out your next book can be an adventure.

Best standard “best of” list.

Best list to show you what books you may have missed this year, but shouldn’t have.

Best list of comics you should know about.

Best list to give you a clue of what’s being read in The White House.

Still the best list to see what some of the year’s most buzzed about readers and thinkers read.

Best compilation of all of the best ofs.

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